Television in Fashion – 2016

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2016 might not be a great year, but in Television it kick started fashion trends like never before. From calling to the 80s by Stranger Things and Mr Robot to the polished royalty in 50s, the television did it all. Where Cookie Lyon showed off her fur, Mindy Lahiri stumbled in her romantic escapades while looking amazing in some fun prints, costumes mattered as much as the stories and reflecting them within their transitions.

The Crown
We’ve all heard how The Crown has been lending authenticity to its costumes getting it right to the very last of details – and sure that is the case. Depicting the era, the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the series pays particular attention to specific moments especially her wedding and coronation dress. The Emmy winner costume designer Michele Clapton and her team had to recreate the wedding gown, meticulously embroidering it, with train alone taking six weeks to embellish. Thankfully they did not have to redo the coronation dress and loaned it from Swarovski. From Queen to the fun spirited Princess Margaret, for whom Clapton used patterns from 50s, she also studied designers Hardy Amies, Dior and the royal dressmaker Norman Hartnell. Transforming Claire Foy, this GOT designer did a fantastic job of recereating history on screen. Just wished Prince Charles would’ve inherited Matt Smith’s hair

Stranger Things
The TV series that could most possibly be responsible for bringing forth the 80s trend to the forefront for 2016-17, can be credited solely to Stranger Things. Strong shoulders, high waisted skirts and pants, the striped tees, the statement knit, this show created complex characters from 80s and avoided from falling in the trap of spoofing the fashion of 80s. Three piece formals, shearling jackets, denim and more denim, the quilted outerwear and sleeves – this show gave us all setting the tone for the year for the upcoming season of fashion

Cookie Lyon was on fire this year too, having fur and amazing print moments from her wardrobe to amazing jumpsuit, Cookie did what she does best. From statement pieces to pretty laces, Cookie does it all. Having fur moments back to back right in the beginning of the season, she went all out with reds, appliqued, combining her favorite animal print and even one with pop art references. She goes out to pair same print separates, studded jumpsuits and even embraces louge wear as everyday wear as well as softer looks…Cookie Lyon DOES IT ALL. Jamal Lyon was mostly in pastels this season, chronically living his journey of self acceptance and facing his fears. Hakeem on the other hand, despite now being a father, was a jealous man-child – from distressed tees and jumpers to metallics to full red metallic, Hakeem and his mother embraced the metallic trend head on – now you know where he gets his flambouyancy from. Anika on the other hand was mostly in lingerie or provocateur wear for most part of the season. I am really liking Nessa’s outfits – bitchy, strong and at many occassions how she pairs bralets with harem pants and a trench so effortlessly. A worthwhile mention to Tiana’s fringe dress she wore for a performance – that was some serious bling

What happens when you combine sci-fi and western – you get WESTWORLD. Set in a dystopic future with a western as a theme park, this twisted series with acting credits to boot is psuedo futuristic. From old western costumes that might seem seemingly simple but have a process done from hand stitching and dyeing to 3D printing, the devil for this show lies in the details. The costume designer, Ane Crabtree, while has a lot of fun recreating Wild Wild West, does not lost sight of the dystopic future this is set in giving audience a chance to experience contrasts between clinical and elaborate, textures and flatness, shapes and shapelessness and polished and downright getting all dirty. She has a metaphor and a meaning behind every costume, color donned by the cast. The men donning embossed hats to suits are done up to tailored perfection and dirty ruggedness – interesting to see where would this future lead to

The Mindy Project
Salvador Perez weaved his magic with Mindy in an ease that was not forced yet Mindy, due to her wardrobe and not surprisingly, stood out in all the situations due to her wardrobe. The one woman who can give Cookie Lyon a run for her closet is Mindy Lahiri. From her PJs to her fun printed dresses, to more demure in a Mindy way look, Perez has given Mindy an identity that we all have come to love and not separated it from it. Who said doctors can’t have fun. A woman who loves all her curves and dresses for her body type, Mindy loves her prints works them to her advantage. Geometric, quirky to even fun hearts, this woman has done it all and made the statement without looking out of place within the setting that she is… she says what is on our mind and at many occasions acts just like us.. stumbling, making mistakes and looking fab while doing it. This onscreen yummy mummy proves mums can look good while being mum. Cookie may have fur but Mindy owns the prints.

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