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Day 4
Probably one of the better days of the fashion week, barring a few collections, it did show designers step up with some innovative perspectives and interesting ideas on the runway.


Ginger and Smart
Moving past their body con and figure hugging silhouettes, Ginger and Smart opted for a much more relaxed showcased for their collection. The noticeable shift from elegant to much more fun look while also catering to their target market, their collection displayed creativity within prints which were inspired by artworks ( hence the showcase in a gallery) to fun textures and fabrications. The slouched looks were chic and the color palette fun. The flouncy dresses to oversized tops, there was play of sheer and prints within separates and pops of neon accents through the collection. The brand showcased how have fun with fashion without alienating their target market.


Anna Quan
I, for one love a good variation on the regular button down shirt. Quan to her credit gave us a plenty. From deconstructed, folded, sleeve variations, as dresses and dresses inspired by it, there were a plenty to choose from..almost reminded me of Margiela. Quan’s play of extended sleeves , pairing shirts with dresses, skirts and pants worked in this play on practicality. Though a ruffle and a thigh high split skirt looked a bit out of train of thought, it was still a cohesive clean and crisp presentation.

C/MEO Collective
A whole lot of color and prints, C/meo collective’s collection was very resort, australian and a colorful fun. Going by their commercial instinct they nailed it with dresses and separates. Shift and tunic dresses, drapes and long length dresses, flared and ruffled pants, peppered with pink fur here and there, in a relaxed and draped silhouette, I liked the progression throughout the collection from really strong colors to black and whites. The almost sack dresses in matte metallic were a bit of a pleasant surprise but it did go well with their aesthetic. The solids and prints worked seamlessly and interplayed in a very likeable fashion. Presenting a variety of range from modest to experimental (as much as commercial boundaries would allow), their collection had something for everyone in a rather laid back luxe look in an all encompassing manner that it did not feel disconnected.


One of the most noise maker for all the right reasons, this show capsule was just what the fashion week needed and it was in many ways one of the best ones throughout the fashion week. Making the perfect case of genderless clothing, Ann Xiao’s collection had a variety of textile fabrications that made use of traditional and tech. From deconstructed elements to prints and over lay, the collection had a mix of pieces that were both dystopic and commercial.. a well balanced and a well thought out presentation – even in a capsule, it was one of my top picks of the week – a designer to watch out for


Bursts of color, prints and embellishments donned the capsule of casea that was feminine and edgy in certain parts. Much more successful than others yet it had pieces like the panelled dress that had too much been there seen that vibes. The off shoulder blazer and surprisingly the tiered dress worked. A fun showing that had more hits than misses.


Minimal, sleek and badass in parts, the juxtaposition of leather with softer tones in stronger silhouettes was the combo that could be just taken off the runway. Majorly a monochrome collection, the silhouettes in color seemed a little less thought out but what i loved about this was the cohesiveness and a common aesthetic thread running through the collection. Acessorized just enough this was definitely a good one.


For a designer who had already created waves on international red carpet, Yousef Akbar’s show was highly anticipated and he did not disappoint. This is how a runway show should be .. drama with potential to sway it commercially or cash in on your sellable pieces to retailers. Edgy but commercial, bling but balanced, Akbar is one name to watch for in coming seasons. His unusual use of color combos in darker and rich jewel tones worked in pleasantly unexpected ways that demanded a second look. The pairing of solids with sequins (and there was a lot of that) was just perfect… definitely not for everyone, but the looks could be dismatled to suit anyone’s personal taste. The dresses and tops varied in various lengths, from short to extremes and pants were just sharply tailored and effortless. The Jumpsuit that left everyone talking after the show was too one of the better pieces that had potential to go commercial easily. Definitely one of my top 5 of this fashion week.

Probably because I have seen denim done so well – to the level of couture – by Issey Miyake and Adnan Pardesy, this collection left me largely underwhelmed. Even with theme as fun as nautical, it was a rather too plain show even if they were aiming for high street basics – the only piece that I did like were this pair of yellow pants.


Sustainable, high on energy and edgy, kitx showed how and why sustainable could be fierce, sexy and smart when done just right – as i keep saying it’s all about how it is designed… Kitx’s industrial setting worked well for their presentation – Bias dresses, jackets with complex pattern made sleeve details, floor length maxi dresses to playing up with sheer at maximum effect, KitX pretty much nailed it on its head with their concept of Mother Nature’s wardrobe with a revenge. Impeccable structural drapes, sheer slogan tops, suit jacket, mesh flared pants it was gritty and glam all rolled into one. One of the best if not The Best clothes throughout the fashion week.


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