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Day 5
Like Day 4, Day 5 too showcased a number of fun and yet commercially viable collections, which seem to be a running theme through out the fashion week and it makes sense since there are buyers coming in for business and to look for what will sell, but the designers do need to show what they are capable of instead of belting out tried and tested options .

Just when you thought drop crotch pants were on their way out, Ten Pieces makes a case that they are as individualistic as any other piece in your wardrobe. The brand known for its athleisure aesthetic and sporty influences, I personally have found has the ability to exist much more than just in that arena. Injecting color into their presentation along with graphic elements, Ten Pieces had some oversized pieces, to risque looks that were tasteful and strong.


One of the most fun shows always to look out for is the ones by the new up coming designers and graduates who present their collections. It was pleasantly surprising to see how far the upcoming generation has come up from say the time I graduated – and it is so amazing to see how clear and focus their notion is of how they want to position themselves as a designer, defining their aesthetics which were strong and very present within their capsules. Nara and Enve had such perfect pieces that they could be ordered off runways by womenswear retailers. Ashleigh Kwong’s zen inspired lines and curves and their exploration and print and embellishment straddled the perfect line between commercial and creative. Occupants made the perfect minimal high street impression on me especially that square motif red and white jumper. But it was Whatevs and Warrawut by Wilson Nguyen struck the right personal menswear chord for me. The patch pockets denim, the kimono wrap top and the overall print menswear from Whatevs was just perfect. And Warrawut was just an absolute delight in being inspired from french architecture in such a contemporary look. The sheer pvc hoodie, the doodle prints and the fun and high fashion high street vibe of this collection was something I could totally rock and style in so many ways. The best thing was the light and white feel of it and those striped footwear – pitch perfect


I had heard good things about Seddiq and the expections matched up with every one in presentation. Languid and draped silhouettes balanced with right amount of structure and oversized sporty silhouettes, the monochrome collection was peppered with rose pieces. The presentation was flirty, fun and yet strong, there were dresses, tops, pants, separates that included fabrications, embellishment and prints. A delightfully fun presentation that I wanted more of.


And that is how a deconstruction inspired ready to wear show looks like maintaining the balance of things in a light presentation. V-major’s dresses were practical, separates easy and had that sort of restraint element of deconstruction throughout the pieces – it was this restraint that keeps their craziest piece too, within a commercial vein. The multi print was bang on, the one shoulder on trend, the long sleeve and layered dresses, high slit tops.. this was one effortless presentation where pieces just flowed from one another as things progressed.

Carving a uni sex route and steering his brand towards a younger and fresher audience, Akira’s latest presentation titled DUALITY, hit high notes with just that. Abstract , floral prints, bursts of color, especially red, the collection was anything but boring. Presenting pieces that could be interchanged, the long tunics and button downs, the pants, the tops with logo, the draped dresses, this was one show that I didn’t want to end. Maintaining his signature relaxed look, Akira gave us organic silhouettes with a bit boxy undertone combined with sportswear influences in fabrics that flowed within each other to create a seamless presentation. My personal favorites were long button down tunics and shirts that I can’t wait for to come into stores. One of the best presentations of the week.

Romance was born did what it does best. Crazy wild and remaining true to its aesthetics, RWB was the perfect ending to the fashion week with it’s riot of colors and textures. From provocateur looks with text and grafitti to multi toned metallic fringes, sequins to even a bridal done their way, this was an exercise of not to give a damn about commercial (well some) and go all out and have fun defining the aesthetic for brands retail lines. While you are designing, why not have a little fun with it and that came through clearly. While it may be not my aesthetic (you never know depending on my mood) it definitely exuded lots of fun.


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