Lebanese Film Festival

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Do yourself a favour and go and watch these wonderful movies

As an avid movie goer, very few people know this about me that I do watch my share of world cinema, exploring visual stories within the motion picture format that are outside of my language, culture and surroundings of English, Urdu and Hindi — primarily because it just fascinates me how we all are different yet connected by similar threads of emotions that seem to be universally perplexing facets of human persona. As Viola Davis put in her oscar speech to ‘exhume those stories’ for these stories are the ones that connects us all in one way or the other.

It is precisely what I experienced when I was invited for Lebanese Film festival – opening with Hadi Gandhour’s The Traveller the movie resonated with me at so many instances and it also left me wanting more – more to see the repercussions faced by the protagonist maybe- A dramedy, the movie featured layered performance by the lead actor making the whole arc a believable transformation within 100 minutes which was no mean feat but he did it – capturing silences, moments and trance state, it was quite a bit to take in but the camera work made good use to transmit that – the plot line working metaphorically to more than what meets the eye, it was an unusual yet the perfect choice for the opening night setting the tone for the festival

Lebanese film industry might be non existent but it is festivals like these that manage to give these stories a public platform – giving voices to these passion projects that are mostly self funded, one sees the effort that went in these movies making them at par with any of the world movies. Growing over the years, the festival has made strides purely to support this art form and bring forth amazing stories that are an iridescent gamut of emotions exploring cultures and showcasing we all are not too different from each other

The festival runs till 9th September 2017 – book your tickets at http://lff.org.au/


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