Fashion in Television – 2017

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Of the tv series I watched and caught up to during 2017, while complex women, even in sitcoms, imbued their characters by looking a certain way and these ones certainly made their mark by being there or lack of i.e. meshing so well with the character that they were hardly noticeable. From seventies to millenials – high end to corporate – this year had quite the variety that seemed to have a common thread of power, strength and vulnerability running through it  especially these ones made the maximum impact for me

For a show that was big on style as well as substance, Big Little lies ticked all the boxes just right of this post Monterey set series. With layered women characters dressed perfectly to Shailene Woodley standing out of the crowd to ‘not belonging’  – the series did it just right without overdoing anything. With their restrained but relaxed and chic everyday looks from has been working woman Celese to clean lines of Renata to the almost unkempt Jane trying to make ends meet. With scenes shot to perfection – i want Nicole Kidman’s closet and that bathroom –  and Skarsgard, the limited series went out with a bang with an Audrey and Elvis party that showcased each of the character’s journey, character and how each one expressed themselves through Hepburn – did anyone else notice that the Celeste and Jane’s Black dress (the expensive and affordable version) and the shared Skarsgard between them – Madeline’s shirt dress with eye mask being her ability to find herself in the middle of the drama – subtleties were not lost and the men in their Elvis garb with Skarsgard being the too cool for school rockstar, trying to be cool ex Nathan or relaxed, coming into his own Ed or the golden lame showcasing true colors of Gordon Klien – nothing was without a purpose.


The Caramel Princess of Print – as cheesy as that may sound you know it is true – ended her six season run with being as fabulous as ever. Apart from giving us gems of ‘ Exsqueeze Me’ and ‘the thing about having standards is have no standards’ Mindy’s season was just pitch perfect – Having a soft spot and appreciation for Salvador Perez who mixes and matches these prints and patterns so effortlessly and perfectly – it wouldn’t be wrong to say Mindy made print and color much cooler way before the Gucci started off with their gucci-ness. No wonder the show got it’s own exhibit of costumes at the Paley Centre. Her geometric and psychedelic prints to florals and tassles. the costumes matched Mindy every step of the way with her sass – be it announcing Will & Grace or discussing Gossip Girl with Danny – she made the case of large women can rock bigger prints and went ahead with huge florals. The series bid adieu in the absence of color but not without the hint of sexy – the plunge neckline, the embroidered crystals all on a black dress that concluded the series – Perez never forgot her co-workers that contrasted with her sense of style – Anna’s structured looks , Jeremy’s soft hued suits minus the rapper phase – and another party after Big Little Lies’s Elvis and Audrey was Anna and Jeremy’s Meryl Streep costume party…Mindy you and your clothes will be missed … take a bow Salvador Perez


THE DIVA of Television dominates this series and no one whistled more than me when Cookie Lyon appeared as the emblem of the series – Cookie Lyon is the QUEEN and her wardrobe reflects that – as she puts it ‘I am Cookie Lyon baby I am unforgettable’ – and even though so far this season, she has been subtle and not been seen much, she has made an impact – Be it her furs or her plunging neckline tiger print sequined dress – cookie is the only one who can make it work – cookie slayed and how… but kept it understated and refined as the CEO of Empire… her look had become more structured with power suits but the sass never dies with color and texture. Another one who stood out because of his OTT costumes because of his habits was Hakeem making a case of millenial wanna belonging to the streets… be it the riveted jumpers or jackets Hakeem rocked pretty much it all

The new anthology series FEUD starting off with two stalwarts Bette Davis and Joan Crawford captured the glam of 70s with perfection be it set design or recreating movie costumes and public appearance outfits (read the infamous Oscar silver gown)… Bette Davis with her practical and uninhibited looks or Joan Crawford with her silk pjs, her brocades or even going as far as with conical bras for the authenticity of the era, the costumes might be cheesy and campy at times but transformed Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon to the Divas of the yore.. the costumes displayed information about the scene as much as the character playing them… an example was Catherine Zeta Jones as Olivia de Havilland with her lounge wear game on fleek.. merging into her own surroundings and attending Bette Davis’s call, showcasing it would take a lot more to take her out of her vacation comfort zone – the symbolism and the details play off unconsciously and that is what the costumes department achieved immaculately and made this series go far beyong than a cheesy campy show.


Better things braved it’s sophomore year and came back with a bang for its second season. Sam’s relaxed tailoring meets punk rock chic aesthetic is so seamless with the character that it does not feel far off from Pamela Adlon and works perfectly because she her performance is so uninhibited, they just become her. The three girls with their own personalities have their costumes reflect that too.. the  teenager, festival hopping and eldest one Max with her boho look, the androgynous non confirming middle child Frankie and the cute and sweetest youngest one Duke – each one is distinct in their own right … this season also introduced Sam’s unstable mother Phyllis with her myriad of patterned jackets, caftans and dresses matched perfectly with her bit of eccentric persona – just a side note .. i loved that white dress Frankie sported in the episode- the dark curly mop was pitch perfect against that white silk – and Sam’s sequined jacket in that episode… i want that


Makers of Sex and the city and not be big on fashion – come on … this year I discovered YOUNGER and just because i was looking what Sutton Foster was up to because big fan … binge watching it i saw the whole progression of costumes.. From Diana’s accessories getting bigger every season to Foster’s attempt as passing off as 27 yr old.. this was a roller coaster ride… this year however was just perfect… from Diana break up moment with that huge flower and her SHES THE BOSS cape in case you had any doubts – Diana did loud but this year had a much more sophisticated edge to it. While the two hotties Peter Hermann and Nico Torterella continued their suited and NYC bad boy look respectively… Hilary Duff did major pops of boho vibes within her looks while opting in between military inspired jackets and feminine bombers along with skinny jeans and heels – Molly Bernard, like always, kept things fun and fresh with her eclectic taste (she’s like a real life Dory) and unusual ways of sporting same dresses – the way only she can – this New York show keeps New york style on point and gives us more


The second season of The Crown was owned by Vanessa Kirby and her act as Princess Margaret.. The wide neckline dress where Margaret hooks up with her husband to be, the practicality of pushing it down to shoot her presumably topless.. the differences between Queen and Jackie O and how one is trying to let go off traditions and other has is clearly reflective within the costumes. One of the major things Crown does is strike a balance between personal and public… recreating the publicized and recorded dresses like the Queen’s and Jackie’s dresses and Margaret’s wedding gown to their intimate and family moments she does it very seamlessly or as she puts it.. not overthink it…and in turn tells a whole story just through the dress.. which is the perfect way to be.


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