Fashion in Movies – Hollywood 2017

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These end-of-the-year picks by no means are conclusive final word – the movies are the ones that I caught and watched therefore anyone coming after me why a certain movie was not included – well I did not see it. But this year undoubtedly was where women were on the forefront – be it kicking ass in real life or on screen and with their multi-layered portrayal, hit home and ran away with all the accolades. Matching actors and actresses were the costumes that helped them transform into these multi dimensional characters, merging with it’s sensibilities so much that you only see the character – not the actor

I,Tonya was memorable for more reasons than one and costumes were definitely part of it. Allison Janney’s fur with a perched up bird, sebastian stan’s moustache and Margot Robbie one of the best ones through this season’s best actresses. From garish costumes to recreating publicly recorded dresses, with bangs and that makeup.. costumes made Tonya standout on what the judges mentioned her ‘presentation’ from other elegant personas and that is what was brilliant was every costume piece matched margot robbie’s inhibition, were a perfect reflectiom of 80s and early 90s and you could see that her redneck background reflected in that… it takes a lot to look things matter-of-fact bad and effortless at the same time and the costume designer slayed it…


Summer romance done just right- that was the thought that rang through after I sat watching 17 yr Elio cry in end credits – the poignant Call Me By Your Name was playful and delicate all at the same time. Set in 1980s, the costumes were a reflection of the american and italian sensibilities between the two characters. Armi Hammer’s reverred collared shirts, board shorts and striped adidas shorts played a perfect contrast to Timothee Chalamet’s laid back, uninhibited polos, tees and shorts along with that curly brown mop of hair – two different summers existed within that small town in Italy. the muted and pastel tones of the movie.. solid pastels of Elio and with accented extrovertness of Oliver in patterns was evident of how one made Summer exciting for another… the subtle differences are hard to spot but both actors bring in their respective attitudes to the table that help it elevate all to a different level…Like I said – Summer Romance done just right


A platinum fringe and a badass attitude to boot, Charlize Theron may be the most stylish spy ever. Set in 1980s, in Berlin gave designer Cindy Evans to revisit cold-war stylish era spy look with a cool futuristic retro look (not steampunk). Kicking ass and perfectly choreographed fight scenes featured Theron in black double-breasted long cashmere coat by Max Mara, Burberry trenches, Stuart Weitzman Lowland over-the-knee boots for an especially brutal fight scene, lots of Dior and a fabulous John Galliano white vinyl trench – fun details of 80s, thanks to movie’s setting and Stranger Things, Boy London T-shirt, odes to Debbie Harry and Helmut Newton’s work – it was graphic, provocative and gritty all rolled into one with Theron fighting in heeled boots and kicking ass like nobody’s business – who needs Bond when you have BLONDE


You know you are old when the movie’s costume designer is looking for a movie set in late 90s/early 2000s in vintage and thrift stores…and I recognize it all because I grew up in the same timeline – dealing with similar self journey issues- Lady bird is not your ordinary coming of age teen drama – Lady Bird’s aesthetic, which ranges from thrifted, demure lace party dresses from the ’50s for important life occasions like prom, to ’90s grunge-referential plaid jumpers when she falls for a rich, wannabe alt-rocker named Kyle…it is an expression of her own self by her self. The uniforms, the Kennedy-esque half-zips, the boot-cut jeans, school shoes, tugged-on cardigans, and dainty lady dresses are resplendently mundane.. she borrows from eras gone by but with her own twist on them – which, despite the whole nostalgic quality to the whole look and feel of the movie, there is a certain timelessness to it too – and being the teenagers that some of us still are, threw them clothes in a pile and that is what the designer did too, in order to lend autheticity – this one hit home a little too close *dramatic tear drop wipe* 😛


Jessica Chastain has a PRESENCE .. it is commanding of your attention to showcase the chinks in the armour of her characters and her flawless fiery hair are pitch perfect especially in this movie. From assistant to high end roller, Molly goes from tees and jeans to body con dresses and power suits.. coupled with smoky eyes and those flaming red locks tousled perfectly framing her face – this is one femme fatale you don’t want to mess with and her heels and dress are enough to intimidate you.. the clean lines exude an air of confidence with a dash of sensuality that this woman is not afraid to exploit when need be and she knows it. Matching her is the suave Idris Elba in a lawyer garb with his tailored suits and polished shoes.. two people giving each a power struggle to play off with in more ways than one.. this is one ride you’d want to board


Most of women and gay men squealed at the sight of Meryl Streep’s white and gold trimmed Kaftan when it made it’s appearance in The Post. From suits, shirts, jacket and skirts, the language of The Post was corporate, structured and tailored for most part. The costume designer, … , said that costumes create an ambiance for the story and that is how she approached it… she wanted them to be secondary to none yet deliver practicality of the period. All costumes were made from scratch since she just had a little over two months and did not have time to source vintage. The result well, Meryl and her burgundy tones, tom hanks and his suits and a whole lot of real life drama thay played out briliantly on screen


Special mention to the best comedy of 2017 = Girls Trip because…. Tifanny Haddish.. the girl with the best one liners and a wardrobe to boot.. she went all out with her fun prints textures and sheer dresses and coupled with her natural curly hair.. she even had a ‘hold my hoops’ moment and those were big hoops … playing perfect contrast to the polished Ryan, who’s wardrobe was mostly fit and polished dresses.. it was interesting to see how all four friend’s reflected their personalities in their outfits… the fun Dina with her patterns, Sasha with her androgynous twang, Ryan portraying and trying to keep it all together and Lisa being a mom trying to have some fun.

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