A lesson in Bollywood Fashion History

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And he is back to his comfort zone. Presenting a collection that is right up his alley, Manish Malhotra paid a tribute to the 100 years of cinema concluding the first day of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013. This year, which marks 100 years of Indian Cinema, has 4 filmakers namely, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibankar Bannerjee and Zoya Akhtar coming together for a film titled Bombay Talkies in honor of 100 years of Indian Cinemas. With the bollywood brigade behind him, Manish’s collection presented the same spirit through fashion.The show started with four filmmakers of “Bombay Talkies”, followed by occassional appearances of bollywood stars, obviously, namely Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Karishma Kapoor, Asha Bhosle, Bhanu Athaiya, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-2 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-4 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-3 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-1

The show started off with the black n white era of 40s comprising mostly of lehngas and kurtas with styling done to compliment them strutting down the runway. This was followed by the burst of colours with anarkalis and fitted shalwars and churidaars made popular by the actresses like Sadhna, Madhubala and Meena Kumai. Then came in the the era of  polka dots and the flower power and wrap saris popularized by Mumtaz, and checkered jackets of Rishi Kapoor, followed by modern apparel. The designer went all out and brought the bollywood glamour to the fashion show, in his theatrical presentation. Though not flashy, his clothes had that theatrical appeal, which was needed for this kind of presentation. You need drama when you are showcasing Bollywood, so why hold back. OTT, Bollywood glam and theatrical are the labels that are usually associated with the designer and he wears those labels out and proud.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-7 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-41 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-39

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-35 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-24

A far cry from his Phulkari collection (which was a pleasant surprise), this collection was sort of what we have come to expect from Manish, given the theme. Though not much of a fan of Mr. Manish’s glam designs, one has to give him credit to bringing and revolutionizing the fashion in Bollywood by dressing characters. Having said that, the did show some good pieces which I think deserve mention. My picks had to be neon sari sported by Priyanka, A black and white sari with embroidered border and blouse, The light coral jacket worn by Siddharth, the brown sari with bling border and the gold double layered jacket. Also not to forget, the bandhgala sported by Anurag Kashyap with its graduating details.

P.S. we did get a hint of the phulkari collection he did on Karishma Kapoor.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-10 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-9 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-8 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-6 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-5 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-15 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-14 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-13 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-12 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-11 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-17 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-16Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-21 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-19 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-18 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-27 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-26 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-25 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-23 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-22 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-32 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-31 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-30 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-29 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-38 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-37 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-36 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-34 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-33 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-28 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-45 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-44 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-43 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-42 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-40  Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-46


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Fashionably Out: Fierce men who know style

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A Wonderful piece on Menswear that I came across

March 14th, 2013

Boys, allow me to introduce you to a group of guys who should be in your fashion book for inspiration … and lust.

Matt Bomermatt_bomer_redefines_the_all-american_preppy_look_by_incorporating_a_winter_coat_to_his_suit-22426
It doesn’t hurt that he has piercing blue eyes and a cutting jaw line, but this actor genuinely understands the rules of a sartorial gentleman. Like something pulled out of a GQ magazine, this dapper dons the American preppy look in dark and pinstriped suits, plaid collared shirts and leather jackets.

What’s interesting about his style is it doesn’t come off as “I spent the whole morning coordinating a tie for this shirt so I had to miss brunch and now I feel uncomfortable in something I can’t even move in.” His style choices give a strong appearance through his picks in tailored suits, giving him that timeless and sharp look most professionals look for.

How to bring some Matt Bomer into your style: Think “Wall Street: The Musical.” Pulling a conservative look doesn’t have to be boring. Implement a bright or fun tie to your everyday work suit, pair a plaid dress shirt for “Casual Fridays,” or opt for a monochromatic look by pairing a suit jacket over a simple crew neck shirt for the weekend!

Chris Colfer
Small in stature and body build, this young lad manifests a subtle individuality through his urbanist look. Despite the character he portrays in “Glee,” Colfer and his off-screen personal style separates him far from Kurt Hummel.

Colfer likes to keep his fashion statements effortless and hip. Whether it be a dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up paired with jeans and combat boots, a vest thrown over a tee finished with a light scarf, or a cardigan coordinated with a shirt and tie, this kid takes all the negative connotations from the word hipster.

Be a triple threat like Chris Colfer: having all the basics is essential to pull off this look! Everything from plain dress shirts, ties, scarfs, cardigans, vests and a pair of nice combat boots will put you right under the spotlight! When putting your outfit together, think versatility and adaptability. Mix and match to add two to three layers to your outfit without making you look like a Christmas tree, and something that can easily transcend into nightwear.

frye company store opening 2 100911Jeremiah Brent
If his name doesn’t ring any wedding bells, shame on you. Former assistant to celebrity stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe, this (gorgeous) “Interior Designer” is more than just charming smiles and immaculate hair!

Of average height with a pretty delicious build, this man pleases himself by teasing us with his style executions – whether he knows it or not. Opting for chic and relaxed outfits that only reveal a bit of skin, Jeremiah puts the words homeless and lesbian together (something his mom takes credit for), creating a name for his own personal style! Everything from a preppy striped tee to rugged vintage clothing with holes, Brent does it all!

Try the “homeless lesbian” look like Jeremiah Brent. For this, think introverted artist in a slow-paced and liberal world. Neutral colors and light-fitted layers are your friends. Add an unbuttoned dress shirt on top of your deep crew or V-neck topped with a complementary blazer will get you there! If you’re pairing your new blue jeans with this look, pull them off now. Go for white or acid washed pants instead! Throw your favorite boots on, raise your hair up to Jesus, and out the door you go!

Marc Jacobsdesignermarcjacobsinasharpkiltandhermesbag

If it weren’t for the major personal style transformation he went through in 2008, this petite hunk wouldn’t be featured here. Now known for his unique style choices, Jacobs man embodies delicate Bohemian aesthetics, giving us a breath of fresh air every time social media releases a new picture of him.

From dressing in kilts on any given day, to using his Birkin as a beach tote bag, to rocking a fur coat under a silk outfit, this man can easily intimidate any fashionista out there!

Embrace your being like Marc Jacobs: If you’re naturally ingenious, tap into your inhibitions and let them show through your style! There is no such thing as boundaries in your vocabulary, so add some whimsical clothes to your life! It can be as simple as leaving your work shirt unbuttoned enough to show some sternum, to carrying a wider tote bag for your personal use! Choose pieces that will leave people wondering what you’ll come up with tomorrow! Make this world your audience where you are the star of the show!

Mickey Boardman
Here’s a man who knows how to sparkle in head-to-toe glamor! His favorites include Lacoste polo shirts, printed and sequin cardigans, colorful and chunky necklaces, and of course, his recently purchased Prada glasses.


What marks Boardman’s entertaining personal style is that nothing he wears clashes – everything makes sense in a 1960s Vegas showgirl way, as he likes to point out. His style is true to himself – giving an aura of wisdom and poise, making us want to be his best friend.

Oh, Mickey (Boardman) is so (sparkly) fine: your favorite color is sparkle and you are not afraid to make an entrance wherever you go! There are certain staple pieces that your friends know you by – your shirts, pants, glasses, accessories, whatever it may be, add more of those to your collection. Dress in a way that will encourage others to explore within their bubble and make them feel fierce!

You’re welcome.

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

the article can also be read at Fashionably Out: Fierce men who know style 

Nida Not-Qalandar Mahmood

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733778_10151821685802785_311116045_n 733812_10151821686552785_1857020935_n 64237_10151821685782785_1514628118_n

Quirky is what we have come to expect of Nida Mahmood, and that is what she delivered though in a much more ready to wear manner. The designer known for her quirky flair and dramatic creations, titled her this collection ‘ Adventures of Capt. Must Qalandar’. The collection in her words ‘the collection revolves around the traveler who travels through time and space on his time machine.’ She Added Capt. Must! Qalandar is a very interesting character, also the muse for the season. He is a motorised flying ant, who is the re-incarnation of an old vintage bike. The collection revolves around the adventures he has traveling around”

576189_10151821686097785_468830026_n 577803_10151821686087785_1866672318_n 576556_10151821685972785_998495546_n

Aiming to combine Indian textiles with steampunk, Nida used variety of indian textiles and traditional techniques in a contemporary fashion. Textiles from various regions of India. Weaves from Narayanpet in Andhra Pradesh, rich tussars from Bhagalpur, exotic silks and some modern fabrics formed the basis of these garments. Using techniques like Kantha from Bengal, Daboo printing from Rajasthan and some modern interpretations of these techniques, she garnished them with the usual Nida-Mahmood-quirks.

581980_10151821686272785_83895598_n 602223_10151821686482785_402313381_n 734637_10151821686247785_67714969_n

For me, however, the show mostly rested on the quirky styling, which I just loved. The clothes though were a different story. Though it was an interesting concept, Nida could not take it that much further. Yes the styling was good with fun hair and futuristic specs, however I have seen Nida do better. Much better. The collection did not veer away from her usual aesthetic and her famous sari paired with denim did make an appearance. Even the installation at the end did not help much. There is always a next time and am sure she will bounce back as there is little doubt that she is a good designer.

64255_10151821686637785_1649504101_n 64699_10151821685917785_1100283262_n 179014_10151821686402785_746367926_n



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WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora089 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora047 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora094
All eyes were on this, few seasons old designer’s show, ever since she showcased in Berlin Fashion Week last year around the same time and scored the Vogue Fashion Fund mid last year. Inspired by the Circus, Pero by Aneeth Arora, presented an organic collection that was far removed from Nomi Ansari’s circus or Karma’s Mad Hatter tea party. Sashaying down a striped runway, models seemed to have fun on the stage being in-character, which reminded me of Sabyasachi’s Parisian inspired show.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora075 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora069_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora066_0

For someone who had seen her last A/W show, where her play with indigoes with layers channelling bohemian vibe drew unanimous praise, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. Though Ms. Arora continued her run of channelling the bohemian vibe through her collection, she showed what a master art she was at layering. Fashionably comfortable was her word for the night. She conjoured up a collection that evoked the image of a carefree yet effortlessly fashionable girl. The collection rich in textiles yet contemporary in its outlook, featured checkered loose dresses in pashmina, balloon tops, loose trousers, shapeless tunics, wool jackets, striped and checkered cotton shorts, pinafores, pleated dresses, wool jumpsuits and hand knitted sweaters. These fun seperates are sure to fly off the racks once they hit the stores.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora046 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora042 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora036

Styled perfectly, the layered garments were finished off with colourful knee socks, striped and dotted bow ties, oversized bags and boots. Add to that top hats, balloons, cherry noses and juggling pins. For the first time probably, I saw Pero come out with a collection that played so much with the element of color and visual texture. The color palette comprised of  green, black, red, orange, maroon, mustard and white while the textile vocabulary was made with cashmere, wool, cotton, silk and pashmina as well as lots of central asian Ikats, stripes and checks.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora072 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora039 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora009 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora012 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora123_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora025
There are so many pieces I like from this collection that everytime I look at it, I would have a new set of favorites. A few of the favorites included a brown tunic look paired with a grey checkered lined jacket and colorful trimmed pants, a teal jumpsuit, a coral red top combined with a delish striped jacket and teal skirt. The list also includes, a striped onesie that slashes across the front, a teal and checkered tunic paired with fun ikat pants and my absolute fav was this delightful striped button down shirt with its sides taken up to reveal a checkered one underneath.

Take a bow Ms. Arora! your whimsical offering was well served.
WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora106 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora104 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora103 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora099 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora083 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora116WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora096 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora087 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora079 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora076 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora063_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora060 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora058 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora055 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora053 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora051 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora033 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora030 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora027 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora022 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora019 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora014 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora119_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora112 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora110 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora126

Dev R Nil

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892312_10151288159451607_2365417_o Before there was the wild Masaba, there were quirky Dev R Nil. A silent duo of designers from Kolkata, Dev R Nil have always managed to keep it simple, effective and yet up the garment with their quirky signature prints. Been around the block for a while now, it’s surprising they do not get the kind of press that Masaba would generate due to her fun work. Unfazed by all that, this duo of designers lets their work do all the talking. Of their past works, since I have been following them for quite a while now, many prints have made to my favorite list. It was actually them, who’s understated, quirky, organic and kitschy design sensibilities appealed to my own and their prints were such which, if they would not have done it, I would have made it for myself and worn it. Now that I am done saying that how much I drool over their stuff, and being an admirer of their work, I was excited as ever since they released a teaser for their show.

Aiming to go understated, the ‘in silence’ collection was just that. Picking up elements of Zen, the designers indicated a silent autumn/winter in a spiritual space. That explains the colour story too, lots of calming monotone, some pale blues and minty greens but not without a sudden splash of red. As described by their press release ‘The coldness of the icy blue, mint and the teal….The indifference of the grey, black and white are warmly hugged by the olive and the Red.  Merging of faiths in the fading of colors through Ombre.

Though I could not spot any menswear, the womenswear didnt disappoint either. Doing this for a very long time, the duo knows how to strike a balance between the prints and the silhouettes. Simple shirts, some dramatic onesies, some cool layered looks crafted in silk, wool, crepe and their “favourite” wispy organza, comprised off in the collection.

Maintaining their mainstay of prints, the duo “developed fern, bamboo and dried roses in screen printing. The theme is primarily monochromatic and we have tried to keep it simple yet different.” With a track record of fun quirky, this was a rather understated pleasant surprise coming from them (though i cant say the same for someone looking at their collection for the first time).Taking a calming outlook towards florals (which at occassions did seem like the cellular print they did last season), we also get fun fern patterns which look tribal, circular doiles . Heavy doses of ombre effect combined with sheer effects (looks like a trend), to create peek a boo, rounded off their looks. Bringing out the Japanese theme, the duo worked with beading, threaded textures, cutwork and applique techniques. The biggest challenge according to the designers was “to combine print with embroidery and make it look more evenings and dressy, to move away from the casual vibe a print is associated with.” I liked most of their looks, except for a few, as they were fuss free and simple. However I had to mention this kurta paper-bag silhouette which I found quite interesting to say the least with inverse sides of sorts in the fern print.

P.S. this time around I layouted this post in this certain way because i felt this collection is much more enjoyable to see in continuity.

hpse_normal__1766988399_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (86) hpse_normal__76228752_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (72) 580809_10151819546687785_22978361_n 418789_10151819546882785_795100874_n hpse_normal__428742696_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (75) hpse_normal__610816394_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (61)

hpse_normal__614120292_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (84) hpse_normal__647884702_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (34) hpse_normal__963469618_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (66) hpse_normal__1270232975_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (25) hpse_normal__1800752789_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (36) hpse_normal__1850529875_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (79) hpse_normal__2052992274_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (15) hpse_normal__2935123995_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (46) hpse_normal__3019325603_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (41) hpse_normal__3537030029_Model walks the ramp for Dev R Nil Show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 in Mumbai on 16th March 2013 (74) 67318_10151819546772785_217524281_n 74402_10151819546642785_880292179_n 166729_10151819546607785_324476511_n 480067_10151819546497785_411589100_n 537651_10151819546482785_191103134_n 580530_10151819546487785_365429683_n 601567_10151819546807785_1006432033_n 734560_10151819546797785_2067252661_n

Not-so-Manish Malhotra???

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mm1 mm2 mm3 1875_10151817695432785_212338582_n 65543_10151817696247785_696073584_n 69830_10151817695942785_701810388_nWhile this bollywood designer is known for his extravagant bling and anarkalis, Manish, surprisingly, brought more than that to the forefront in this show. Adorned with Phulkari and Bagh embroidery, Manish continued his run of being an advocate of promoting the Indian crafts on an international circuit through fashion. While his last few shows resided in zari work from kashmir and chikankari from UP, this time around he found his inspiration in Punjab.

Not veering away from his signautre silhouettes, Manish put up an impressive display of craft infused garments. Elongated silhouettes as well as loads of sheer play was incorporated along with the craft weaving it into an contemporary context. Jackets, kurtas and anarkalis for women while men sashayed in bandhgalas and kurtas. In bright and spunky colors, combined with rich mustard yellow, navy blue, deep rust, earthy olive and intense red. Apart from that he just had to have his signature bling in his show, though am glad this time it was toned down. Being a graduate in the discipline of textile design, I felt that craft intervention was commendable in commercializing the craft. Though its about time he has his fun with fashion and plays with a variety of silhouettes too.

CM3_5827            wifw-a-w-2013-manish-malhotra-3           181029_10151817696372785_642090824_n  480633_10151817696397785_1202660292_n CM3_6148 164399_10151817696792785_2000276979_n

Loads of texturization on georgette, net and raw silk was done. However, what caught my eye were two phulkari embroidered shawls, A beige mustard bandhgala paired with a navy blue kurta and deep red turban, the black n white phulkari embroidered kurta (coz it stripped the phulkari off one of its basics i.e. the color), and the long jackets one in deep mustard and ochre tones and other the bright one worn by jacqualine fernandez.

And how could the show not have Bollywood presence. Siddharth Malhotra, Eesha Gupta and Jacqualine Fernandez graced the ramp.
Manish-Malhotra1 CM3_5846 CM3_5986 CM3_6046 66631_10151817696142785_464378826_n 156706_10151817696077785_1858402959_n 303111_10151817695772785_412107854_n 426384_10151817696287785_885663861_n 429615_10151817695642785_2133788508_n 482172_10151817696602785_1557964632_n 482275_10151817696057785_1320588514_n 483822_10151817696627785_1206598032_n  576123_10151817696172785_1594191127_n 576227_10151817696207785_1533952292_n 577946_10151817696722785_1602184117_n 580637_10151817696492785_1506254600_n 601391_10151817695862785_2081258514_n 601515_10151817695797785_1163191007_n 601615_10151817696542785_540025273_n 602058_10151817696317785_1312516317_n 625435_10151817695457785_927658521_n 625602_10151817696927785_1585729956_n

Mash-up Modi

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577909_10151815708162785_1288619192_n Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-12

Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-28   Replacing Sabyasachi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Anju Modi’s show by some (read me) was something I wanted to see. Seeing her earlier works, Anju Modi comes across as a traditionalist yet with her contemporary quirks. Its a pity whatever one see of this designer on celebrities, which is usually the bling, one tends to associate it with the designer. Modi however proved she is far from that. The replacement however showed she had potential but hasn’t fallen far from who she replaced.

The collection was a heavy dose of creative patriotism. Titled ‘Steel Mangolia’, the collection was inspired by Indian Military and feminity. Though she did show a few menswear too including a fun elephant printed sherwani, her main focus was womenswear complete with accessories like caps, emblems and the ubiquitous aviator glasses. Though the collection at some occassions did feel like Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s collection combined with one of Sabyasachi’s earlier shows, Anju Modi did seem to show her own voice as a designer as well.

Bringing on her detailings in the form of embroidery, Modi created embelms and badges over  pashmina, chanderi, cotton and Banarsi to show feminity and power in the same breath. Apart from that Modi used a lot of wool and silk too to complete the modern day soldier look, defying gender bias. The color palette comprised of a smooth coexistence of dark maroons, indigos and foliage green to light greys, beiges and ochre tones.

Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-21 6682_10151815708012785_778538740_n 600218_10151815707617785_1061083068_n Untitled

The long jacket-style kurtas with detailing on the lapels and worn over full skirts, structured short jackets over flared woollen pants, the berets and Nehru topis reflected the ethos of the collection. A few looks that were my picks from the collection included an elegant navy  pleated embroidered khadi trenchcoat with printed khadi wide legs, a white on white look with a white long jacket paired over a white printed saree. The list also includes a foliage green check wool short jacket teamed with a printed shirt and woolen wide leg pants. From the menswear, a woolen sherwani-esque jacket in fierce maroon stripes paired with green khakis as well as a green check jacket paired with a plain shirt and grey slim trousers were my picks. A special mention to those corset blouses with boleros.

Her effort to give the structured military trend a fresh outlook for pret was commendable since she did it without moving away from feminine clientele and bring sexy to the androgynous.

156746_10151815708182785_633228989_n 374528_10151815707577785_519353850_n 374547_10151815708407785_605734619_n 426447_10151815708237785_789363976_n 480441_10151815708747785_1134423578_n 481281_10151815708577785_1800442593_n 481366_10151815707822785_405164135_n 485926_10151815708327785_27150742_n 487416_10151815708517785_1636126702_n 487659_10151815707967785_1443736003_n 549210_10151815708342785_894590479_n 559814_10151815707807785_1953863492_n 578583_10151815707602785_1483293081_n 734168_10151815707982785_749487501_n 734457_10151815708472785_1299846484_n 734500_10151815708602785_345858417_n Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-5 Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-8 Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-9 31920_10151815707907785_933609112_n 60407_10151815707702785_1217819765_n

Colorful Craziness

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One of the most heartfelt projects that I came across. The activities done by Emaan Mahmud and Momin Zafar, who conduct art classes with children on the streets of Karachi every week. Their motivation? The chance to share what they love with other people. One day I would like to see them do it, in person and am sure the experience is going to be nothing less than surreal

Masaba for Satya Paul

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asdas 715_10151813185132785_1510409279_n (1)
A first for Indian Fashion Industry, where a fashion designer from one brand is also appointed as the creative director for another brand. Masaba Gupta, one of the youngest fashion designers of India was appointed as creative director at Satya Paul. Now, having a liking for Masaba, as well as Satya Paul, the collection was a keenly anticipated one for me since she was appointed by the fashion house late last year. How the young 24 yr old Masaba Gupta would fare in combine the Satya Paul abstractness and silhouettes with her quirkiness? One did get a sneak peek when Sonam Kapoor wore the lipstick printed sari last week. That, however was just a beginning.

487484_10151813185802785_1579693509_n 544120_10151813185412785_978593333_n
Satya Paul is an established fashion house, who’s clientele included women from ages 30 n up, who were wanting to experiment without being too much. Masaba, through this collection, gave Satya Paul a much needed youthful, quirky makeover. Trying to reposition the brand, as Masaba said,  ‘with the collection that is meant for young girls’.

Masaba, known for her quirky prints, showed exactly that and more. The collection was divided into four parts – the firs t consisted of lipstick prints, the second part was ink blot on garments, the third section had abstract designs created by overlapping of maps and the last part had her take on the trend of british prints through telephone booth imprints. For Masaba however the collection symbolizes the journey of a woman. “The lipstick symbolises femininity, the abstract stands for basic way of life of a woman, the telephone booth stands for a constant wait and the ink drop for the various changes in a woman’s life,” Masaba said.

Masaba-for-Satya-Paul-at-WIFW-Autumn-Winter-2013-32 (1) knot masaabaThe silhouettes ranged mini and maxi dresses, gowns, sarees teamed up with printed blouses, jackets, palazzo pant sarees, tunics, kaftans and trench dresses. Being sucker for fun and quirky prints, I liked quite a few looks and one of my favorite looks was the black and pink saree teamed up with palazzo pants and neon pink suspenders. Another few of the favs were a telephone booth printed knot front open dress and the lipstick saree (of course).  Accustomed to straighter silhouettes for her eponymous label, Masaba showed her flare for drapes and variety of silhouettes through this collection.  Using fabrics like tulle, crepe, georgette and chiffon on color palette that goes ahead from signature “earthy tones” of Satya Paul, Masaba aimed at showing another varieties to the brand’s signtaure.

600143_10151813185542785_505311356_n Masaba-for-Satya-Paul-at-WIFW-Autumn-Winter-2013-11
Styled minimalistically to a T, so as to keep the focus on the youthful vibe of the show, the looks were paired with printed luggage bags of different sizes.  Furthermore the use of black ear cuffs was just oh-so-chic and the perfect detail to accessorize the look with, without jarring in your face. The designer had more hits than misses for the show, raising anticipations of what she does for the show of house of Masaba at Lakme Fashion Week.

Untitled masaba-gupta-satya-paul-wifw-aw13-01masaba-gupta-satya-paul-wifw-aw13-08 rfkd  Masaba-for-Satya-Paul-at-WIFW-Autumn-Winter-2013-38 Masaba-for-Satya-Paul-at-WIFW-Autumn-Winter-2013-35  efew  600143_10151813185542785_505311356_n   482154_10151813185437785_601344192_n 426487_10151813185682785_1651869549_n  62690_10151813185762785_1096061016_n 188995_10151813185647785_196711179_n   60396_10151813185267785_1761071767_n 72435_10151813185572785_48139240_n 5388_10151813185652785_406395839_n adds425_10151813185352785_625892120_n

Spring Awakening Art Fair

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IMAG1089The recently held Spring Awakening Art fair was aimed at the collaboration between Fine Artists and Graphic Designers. The particiapants were none other than students of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. The products, paintings and prints definitely showed promise by these young ones. The range of products included from coasters and postcards to (my fav) bright truck arty chairs. From social comments on namaloom afraad and present situations, to displaying their quirkiness, there was a wide range displayed there. Though the exhibit, sadly, didnt gain as much momentum as the annual art bazaar at the second floor, was on for two days.

IMAG1094 IMAG1074

IMAG1075 IMAG1076 IMAG1092 IMAG1091IMAG1077 IMAG1081

IMAG1080  IMAG1082  IMAG1084