MBFWA Streetstyle

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week brought in a whole host of people that dressed to their nines – from outrageous to classics to ones who knew perfectly how to have fun with fashion – we got it all


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14. Links à la Mode Feature

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IFB Bloggers are from all over the world, different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, varying ages and body types, etc.  Your common thread?  Perspective.  You share your perspective on beauty; how you see and feel beauty.  You inspire and give hope to others from your differences and individual perspective.  Yes, I swear I am still talking about fashion.

This weeks links share perspective on dressing over 40, petite fashion, Summer on budget and not on budget, and incorporating heritage fashions while staying true to personal style.  There are also a couple in depth posts reviewing the current ad campaign season, and a look into Ukraine’s fashion industry from the perspective of a designer.  

… and for the sewing savvy {and not so savvy}, a DIY Caftan!

Links à la Mode, July 23

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Flourishing Blurs by INAAYA

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While I am in Karachi on vacations, admist attending collection exhibitions and store openings, INAAYA‘s exhibit does come in for a refreshing change from all that. Inaaya’s Naushaba Brohi, prides in the use of craft within her collection. The basic notion of the brand lies on the fact that it elevates the use of craft within the contemporary arena.

What I liked about Brohi’s approach is the value she asserts towards these crafts is something that I, being a textile and a craft lover and enthusiast personally feel and resonate with. Infact one of my master’s project was based on tensions between craft and modernity, a fine balance that Naushaba brohi seems to have struck.  Her latest venture, wherein she took accessories made under her brand INAAYA from stores within an art space is one such step in her efforts to do so. Kind of reminds me of Issey Miyake who tends to showcase his pieces within art spaces and as installation, apart from fashion shows, blurring those lines between how fashion should be presented.

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7. Links à la Mode feature: Style Handbook

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Wow… so this was a pleasant surprise when I found out this morning I my post for skarfe (here) got selected by the editors at Independent Fashion Bloggers for their weekly top links feature Links à la Mode. Reinstated my faith in this spotlight feature that I introduced on my blog to highlight indie brands with some wonderful things they produce.


Style Handbook

Do you ever feel like when you were born, everyone got the handbook to life but you? Ok, maybe not. But when it comes to style, there is no official handbook… but that doesn’t mean we all have to wander around clueless. This week is your guide to style, so pull up a chair, take a deep breath and realize, everything is going to be just fine.

Links a la Mode: October 9th

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Brand Spotlight: skarfe

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Tucked away in PottsPoint, Skarfe is one hidden trove of well..scarves.. in Sydney. Started by Brad a little over a year ago, the brand has gone from strength to strength stocking from indie brands local and far and wide to provide one with unusual to regular gems one needs in their wardrobes. It is a a carefully curated gallery-esque boutique, specializing in some of the worlds finest scarves. From digital prints in silks to leather to lightweight cashmeres, stocked from places far and wide, if you need one zany accessory i.e. the scarf, this is THE place to be.

Combining unusual prints and fabrics, Skarfe offers one a range of fabrics and design to choose from including leather. Aimed at making scarves one of the sought after accessory, you are sure to find a head turner in here with a multitude of quirky as well as vintage prints. A good thing about something as versatile as a scarf is that it can be styled anyway. From being draped over the shoulders to a chic turban to control those unruly hair… plus it is not gender specific therefore one is sure to find one thing or the other in here.

Collaborating with not just designers but also artists, Brad has been able to develop some unique design lines for the brand latest being artist Lucas Grogan. These collaborations have been instrumental in growing the retail business and with some limited unique pieces, one needs to get their hands on them before they run out, and I wouldn’t blame you if you would want most of it.

Enjoy free worldwide giftboxed delivery directly to your home. Phone +61 2 8021 4961 or for conscientious assistance.

*Images credits: skarfe

Poetic License

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Mahin Husain’s latest offing was an ode to the feminist  poet Parveen Shakir, who’s poem encouraged the Pakistani women to embrace their femininity whole heartedly titled ‘GET DRENCHED’.  Grooving suitably to the jive of material girl, the collection was, as described by Hussain herself, a ‘personal expressive rant against all the restrictions that are imposed the female sex’. This woman knows her mind and is liberated in every sense of the world, especially off the conventions imposed upon the society.

Giving the reigns to the woman who is in charge of her own life, Mahin’s collection of bags, scarves and belts printed with text and portrait of Parveen shakir by Rabeya Jalil adorned the m. The bags, though lacked finish, but were high on concept and included a range from cross body bags, satchels, clutches, messenger bags, handbags and bucket bags. the scarves and tunics in texts with basic tops and lowers highlighted a chic picture in conveying the message of Mahin to handover the reigns to the woman herself asking be the most brilliant version of herself and living life fully and whole heartedly. The accessories became the symbol of being a torch bearer fighting everyday herculean battles against the norms and living life on own terms. I loved the confident lass uber chic vibe of the presentation. My particular favorite was the portrait print against the green background.

The brilliant touch were the girl text hoop earrings and chokers that added in the extra sass to the don’t mess with me attitude 😉

TapuTapuFP6_4829 TapuTapuFP6_4860 TapuTapuFP6_4810 TapuTapuFP6_4801 TapuTapuFP6_4794 TapuTapuFP6_4786 TapuTapuFP6_4776 TapuTapuFP6_4769 TapuTapuFP6_4759 TapuTapuFP6_4752 TapuTapuFP6_4740 TapuTapuFP6_4737 TapuTapuFP6_4727 TapuTapuFP6_4724 TapuTapuFP6_4710 TapuTapuFP6_4701 TapuTapuFP6_4686 TapuTapuFP6_4839

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team