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Inspired by Greatness

I found myself inspired by you all to start my own fashion blog. No, it hasn’t happened, but a gal can dream. IFB bloggers had smart advice on the business of blogging this week by sharing tips on collaboration, their own favorite bloggers, and translating high fashion for the real world and budget. I also loved how some of you took me out of my world and shared beautiful traditions and regional fashion. And for those of you wondering which current designer matches your zodiac sign, follow along with Amethyst Honey. That was a new one.

Links à la Mode, July 9

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Bloggers Eid Spreeeee!!!!

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With Eid just around the corner, us 4 friends, Maliha Rao, Umair Mirza, Rabeeyah and myself (all of us who also happen to be bloggers) decided to check out what is up and out there this Eid. Our first stop was Ocean Mall where we first splashed :P. Splash had a good range, a bit steeply priced, but good nevertheless menswear with some interesting textural and easy jackets and printed cotton shirts. They also had a quite a bit of variety of knitted ties. There was a lace shirt in women’s section that I liked and was this close to getting it… remember Burberry 😛 I also liked these round pair of sunnies that were cute and fun priced for 1250 PKR only.

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No BEECHING around the bush

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Beech tree is one brand that I personally have made my sisters buy ever since it has opened up in the vicinity.  While it is one brand that does have its share of going very ego-ish, it does have a cetain sensibility to it that appeals to many women. Finally debuting on the runway in the highstreet section, Beech tree put up a pretty good showing, one of the shows I regretfully missed coz of someone’s screwed up timing.

BeechTree (24)

With embroidery, cutwork and prints throughout the collection tying it all together, Beech tree kept it pretty simple in terms of silhouette and thus for an easy-on-the-eye appeal. Because it has stores possibly in all main cities, one is sure to see a runway to retail journey happening successfully over the due course of time. I loved the fact that they used sharp contrasts in many of the prints and paired them up with neutrals for a much more poppy but yet toned down effect. The prints featured florals as well as geometrics in some really good contrasts. In terms of embroidery, the cutwork and embroidery caught my eye for all the right reasons. The certain amount worked well with the silhouette and the fabrics which ranged from cottons, nets and organzas. Layering was another trend that the brand showcased with nudes and pastels overlays under some fun prints. As far as silhouettes go, the collection featured quite a number of kurtas however to their credit they did keep it interesting one after the other.

While many of the prints were contrastingly fun, at places where you have a total look in print, i thought a better print could have been in place of that since I loved the whole concept of the cape. So this particular one was in a good but not quite zone, would have loved if the colors would have been much more earth acidic or black/white.  A couple ensembles that I saw in these pictures, in pastels and white palattes are good on their own, but seem a bit dressier than other pieces with all the sitara and dori embroidery and nothing to accent it off. As individual pieces they do work, and work pretty well so much so that I really liked a few of them, but within a collection that has a cool, calm and laid back fun vibe to it, I think they could have been edited out. The fringes with those dressier pieces had such Shehla Chatoor hangover. I LOVED the whole bohemian styling with a cool summer but the few hiccups left me on a confusing note as to where is this BEECH tree girl off to?

BeechTree (13) BeechTree (17)

BeechTree (14) BeechTree (20)

My picks: chikan kurta, the cool calm cotton kurta always gets my vote and this one with its print layering had a certain dept to it. The embroidery/cutwork short tunic was another favorite of mine, I liked the concept of the cape liked that they had an option for that, The whole styling for this piece with its bohemian vibe and the loose tunic with jacket was very retro a.k.a zeenat aman, LOVED IT. I also loved quite a bit of printed pants from the collection but these floral printed pants jumped out for all the right reasons.

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly