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The second fashion week of the season, The fashion week from Lahore had quite a few interesting collection that did explore the fun and business sides of fashion. The collections both by debutantes and established designers definitely had people sit up and take notice how pret is evolving within fashion. While there were a few that stuck to the formulaic commercialism, others did dare to venture out, pushing the envelope and making a damn point.

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Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive 2015 Day 2

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FPW15 - Day 2Day 2 saw another slew of designers putting forth a show for the evening. Of these only two came up trumps by staying true to their aesthetics. While we saw many bridals, a couple of brands also showcased pret a porter for the wedding season giving the much needed break from the usual desi wedding options.

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15. Links à la Mode Feature

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I’m not a badass {sigh}, but sometimes I like to draw inspiration from them.  And that is where friends chime in to say, “but you’ve worn white jeans and pale pink together… on numerous occasions”.  Yes, it’s true. {sigh}

Both, A Handful of Stories and La Vintage Vida really touched on this.  It’s the source of true personal style; to be able to pull just enough from cultures, sub-cultures, and trends, while remaining true to our spirit.  We had some excellent posts on how menswear designers are drawing from outside their usual comfort zones with the bold bright prints and handbags.

We live in a wonderful time where we are not limited by our time zones.  We have access to a worldwide view.  From Arabia, Africa, Russia, Italy, and India to Las Vegas and New York City.  This community of IFB bloggers does a wonderful job of sharing the trends within their context.  Fall and Winter trends were a popular focus this go around but beauty and blogger tips were not to be missed.

One of these days, I’ll have to share a favorite Halloween look of mine.  Badass personified.

Links à la Mode, September 3


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Spotlight: Dent De Man

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Pitti Uomo this year had a section dedicated specifically to african designers titled AFRICAN CONSTELLATION. Now being a trade show, showing at Pitti Uomo as a brand is a great exposure and that is where I discovered this gem of a brand surprised at myself how this genius of a label was hidden for so long. What many designers are pretty much cautious to venture into, is the very essence of this brand’s core foundation; prints for menswear.

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Get your print On!

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When a luxury pret and a customized clothing designer forays into a pret wear all eyes are on him how he would translate his aesthetic within the affordability without compromising the quality. Luckily for us, Zaheer Abbas’s attention to detail and penchant for perfection puts all those fears to rest. While he has experienced designing lawn by collaborating with a textile mill, one that died down without creating much impact…this one however hits much closer to designer’s aesthetic and notions of what something that comes out of his design house should be like.

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Causally Suited

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The menswear brand returns after skipping a beat for a year with an impressive collection that draws inspiration from the brand itself. Looking back..not too far away, from his first collection, Omar farooq presented a range of sharply tailored menswear down the runway. If ever SUITS or mad men is made for Pakistani television screens, Omar Farooq is the man to go to.

Republic by Omar Farooq (33)

Relegating menswear, for the modern man, Omer Farooq sent down a variety of suits on the runway. Pastels from pinks to powder blues, alongside deeper tones of browns, navys and reds, Omar covered quite the spectrum with his finger on the nerve of what the modern and dapper Pakistani man should have in his wardrobe this summer. I was glad there wasn’t a single black suit that walked during presentation. Working with patterns too, one saw the window panes being liberally used and paired with solids as well as plaids (I wish there was one suit which would have been plaid top to bottom) and stripes. The blue suit in pinstripe…bang on LOVE .. One suit that definitely goes on my must haves list … its classic with a vintage fifties appeal with an air of nautical to it.

Republic by Omar Farooq (26) Republic by Omar Farooq (25) Republic by Omar Farooq (20) Republic by Omar Farooq (18) Republic by Omar Farooq (14) Republic by Omar Farooq (12)

From basic shawl and notch collars, Omar did give us the double breasted (high on this season… sadly one item of clothing that I do not see fitting well with my body type even though I know I would get one and it’ll hang in my closet 😛 Shopaholic), dinner jackets as well as trench coats for summers. At many occasions he also went wide lapel, a very retro element which he used rather tactfully since its a thin wire to keep that balance (Thank God!). Using fabrics like cotton, linen and blends of wool, His mix of vintage and contemporary ensembles made for a pretty bad ass presentation.

Finally I got to see man bags and man clutches on the Pakistani Runways. Republic needs to open up a store in Karachi now… Along with the shoes, the accessories were rather made in print. The botanical prints in poppy colors paired with the suits provided the perfect accent complimenting the whole outfit. Many of these shaped into Toms and were perfect for a summer casual outing. Also one got to see quite a many tassled loafers (yes they are big on trend).

Republic by Omar Farooq (32) Republic by Omar Farooq (30) Republic by Omar Farooq (21) Republic by Omar Farooq (29) Republic by Omar Farooq (28) Republic by Omar Farooq (8) Republic by Omar Farooq (4) Republic by Omar Farooq (7)

A minor hiccup was that colourful tie that popped up… also the plaid double breasted jackets seemed too big for the model. Also I wasn’t too sold on the idea of a scarf hanging up front after the button was closed.
Republic by Omar Farooq (9) Republic by Omar Farooq (27) Republic by Omar Farooq (6)

My picks: ALL of the PRINTED TOMS.. Love Love Loveeed Them. Also the printed man clutches and folios. The navy blue with red striped suit, the pink jacket, the powder blue suit,  and the blue suit sans the scarf.
IMG_3901 IMG_3884

Republic by Omar Farooq (16) Republic by Omar Farooq (3)
Republic by Omar Farooq (23) Republic by Omar Farooq (6)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly…and me