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Day 5
Like Day 4, Day 5 too showcased a number of fun and yet commercially viable collections, which seem to be a running theme through out the fashion week and it makes sense since there are buyers coming in for business and to look for what will sell, but the designers do need to show what they are capable of instead of belting out tried and tested options .

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VFNO Sydney

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So while in Australia, my first brush with the retail fashion industry came via the Vogue Fashion Night Out or VFNO. With various events taking place at different stores around the city, it wasn’t quite possible for me to go around everyone of them, therefore I attended the various events that were taking place at David Jones store, and boy am I glad I decided to stay there. While there were many activities going around, it was impossible to attend them all. During the course of the VFNO, I attended two fashion presentations (a menswear and a womenswear) and a styling workshop of sorts regarding suiting. For menswear the summer looks presentation consisted of casual looks put together by the GQ team for the upcoming summer months. One of the major trends to note was the summer scarf … hmm.. *eyeing the scarves I brought from back home*. Interestingly layers in summers  (something I am not too keen on but was actually convinced through the presentation) were predicted to make fun relaxed statements. The casuals were polished with little bit of hipster quirk added to them with summer trends that are bound to hit Australia. What caught my eye were as usual the accessories… shoes and esp one of the patterned knit ties. The womenswear presentations included rtw pieces that were onspot with the key metallic trends and smart tailoring.

On one of the other levels, a styling workshop was done where a fashion presentation of suits took place. Hardy Ames, Zegna all styled and presented keeping in mind the suits and with a slight nod to the races that seemed to be one of the major highlights of the presentation. While one may see women all decked up at Royal Ascot races, the presentation gave various options for men…afterall why should girls have all the fun 😉 . The presentation also gave some nifty options that diverted from the usual suits that men tend to choose. These options with just bits of change ups were styled well and fit to almost perfection. A hint of color, a peek of pattern with a good fit to the conservative suit, steered it from being ‘boring.’ The store itself offered those services of slight alterations to the suit, because with the suit, it is all about a good fit that makes all the differed. To top it all, shoe shine and shave within the store, couldn’t get any luxe than that.

I also attended a QnA panel of designers.. Marc from Camilla and Marc, Gary Bigeni and Designers from Ginger and Smart. They talked about their collections that were also stocked at the stores, the inspirations behind it and what challenges they face as practitioners. Just before the panel, I did manage to check out some of their ensembles and trust me ladies! you definitely would not want to miss it.

Sadly I could not stay for longer ‘cos had some work to attend to… masters ain’t easy guys!


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I’M WEARING: Trousers and shirts (Dockers)/ Accessories and Shoes (Mine)

US Brand Dockers has always been associated with a mature/corporate/ elderly client with its design philosophy. The brand notoriously famous for its corporate approach has been shifting towards a younger client with a steady pace. I for one, when putting together looks, with all the options, skipped the checks and realized that once I was shortlisting the shots. Be it the comfy linen pants for those lazy sundays, trust me they are soooo comfy, or the casual-to-corporate looking pants (grey ones above), or the notorious khakis in assorted colors, the options were fun. The pants surprisingly were well fitted (trust me I am quite iffy about it ) and were cut impeccably. The shirts, while keeping the brand philosophy, the linen and chambray button ups were easy breezy for those casual outings. The fabric being perfect for these sweltering summers was light and had me wanting to pair everything with every other thing.. lol Since I was looking to break out from the usual vibe the brand is associated with, I was pleasantly surprised with the array of options that lay before me (considering my preconceived notions about the brand) and much of it disappearing before me, and for good reason. Keeping the whole look with a certain laid back vibe, I particularlywent for lighter tones that were made to beat the heat. A brand certainly worth a place in your wardrobe.

*Photography by Fatima