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Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 – hits and misses

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Fashion scene in Pakistan needs a bit of a rejuvenation since the designers are producing a lot of same ol same ol. Designers need to understand that people are going to wear with what options they are presented with and thus need to reassess what their presentations are consisting of. Innovation, creativity and commerce all need to come together. While some made a splash at this season”s Fashion Pakistan Week 2017, some failed to do so.

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Menswear at AIFWSS17

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One of the most underrated markets at these fashion weeks are the menswear, thankfully, we did manage to have quite a few shows during the fashion week but there have to more with regards to that,

Keeping it simple and clean, what stood out in Druv Vaish were his fun prints especially the multi color horizontal lines. Furthermore I loved the diagonal lines within looks with the cross over Read the rest of this entry »

Urban Chica

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This fashion week also saw quite a few designers display a much more chic approach towards fashion. One that could be styled however one like and be on top of their style game, channeling their inner polished Victoria Beckham

While there was nothing abnormal about Anomaly’s presentation, the collection was pretty commercial and very retail friendly in its outlook. Minimal in its outlook and clean lines and a polished silhouette, the collection was simple Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Cruise

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IMG_9526 (Large)


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  IMG_9772 (Large) i

bPhotography by Laura Fortes and me

I’M WEARING: Button Up (Amir Adnan) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Knit Tie (Stoneage) / Socks (next) / Boots (Stoneage) / Rings (Flea market finds)

Getting into the spirit of Christmas, I went that route while I went on a cruise with friends. My wild child hair went pretty much free and had the time of their life in the unpredictable but fun Sydney weather (what can I say..I love rains). My Amir Adnan Button up is from their business line of shirts that I took for a casual spin at this occasion. Pairing it up with loosely tied knit stoneage tie, pretty much did what I was aiming for.. made the white and red striped tie stand out, yet connect to it. The pop of green socks perfectly rounded off the Christmas coded colors without being too much in your face. Nothing spells casual like a pair of skinny jeans but to maintain a bit of a vibe with the tie, I rounded off the look with brown suede boots and couple of rings from flea market. Also just had to share some of the shots of the cruise with you guys 🙂


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IMG_6315 (Custom) IMG_6319 (Custom)

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IMG_6333 (Custom) IMG_6336 (Custom)

IMG_6350 (Custom) IMG_6362 (Custom)

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IMG_6372 (Custom)

IMG_6380 (Custom) IMG_6382 (Custom)

2b (Custom)

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IMG_6405 (Custom)

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IMG_6426 (Custom) IMG_6436 (Custom)

IMG_6444 (Custom)

I’M WEARING: Trousers and shirts (Dockers)/ Accessories and Shoes (Mine)

US Brand Dockers has always been associated with a mature/corporate/ elderly client with its design philosophy. The brand notoriously famous for its corporate approach has been shifting towards a younger client with a steady pace. I for one, when putting together looks, with all the options, skipped the checks and realized that once I was shortlisting the shots. Be it the comfy linen pants for those lazy sundays, trust me they are soooo comfy, or the casual-to-corporate looking pants (grey ones above), or the notorious khakis in assorted colors, the options were fun. The pants surprisingly were well fitted (trust me I am quite iffy about it ) and were cut impeccably. The shirts, while keeping the brand philosophy, the linen and chambray button ups were easy breezy for those casual outings. The fabric being perfect for these sweltering summers was light and had me wanting to pair everything with every other thing.. lol Since I was looking to break out from the usual vibe the brand is associated with, I was pleasantly surprised with the array of options that lay before me (considering my preconceived notions about the brand) and much of it disappearing before me, and for good reason. Keeping the whole look with a certain laid back vibe, I particularlywent for lighter tones that were made to beat the heat. A brand certainly worth a place in your wardrobe.

*Photography by Fatima