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Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 – hits and misses

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Fashion scene in Pakistan needs a bit of a rejuvenation since the designers are producing a lot of same ol same ol. Designers need to understand that people are going to wear with what options they are presented with and thus need to reassess what their presentations are consisting of. Innovation, creativity and commerce all need to come together. While some made a splash at this season”s Fashion Pakistan Week 2017, some failed to do so.

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Menswear at AIFWSS17

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One of the most underrated markets at these fashion weeks are the menswear, thankfully, we did manage to have quite a few shows during the fashion week but there have to more with regards to that,

Keeping it simple and clean, what stood out in Druv Vaish were his fun prints especially the multi color horizontal lines. Furthermore I loved the diagonal lines within looks with the cross over Read the rest of this entry »

Urban Chica

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This fashion week also saw quite a few designers display a much more chic approach towards fashion. One that could be styled however one like and be on top of their style game, channeling their inner polished Victoria Beckham

While there was nothing abnormal about Anomaly’s presentation, the collection was pretty commercial and very retail friendly in its outlook. Minimal in its outlook and clean lines and a polished silhouette, the collection was simple Read the rest of this entry »

Casual Outing

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I was pretty much skeptical to see a brand like Levis in the list of designers showcasing at the Fashion Pakistan Week. Levis showcased their Commuter™, COOLMAX® and ICONS Collection product lines. As briefed “The Commuter line is  designed to take the urban worker from their a.m. ride, through the workday and into evening; COOLMAX as the name suggests is their weather friendly line and the ICONS collection will reintroduce the Levis classics in a contemporary way.”

Sticking to basics, Levis showcased their denim lines of men and women’s of three of their products. The cool urban vibe was pretty much evident from the collection. The t.shirts, casual dresses and DENIM made up for a pretty much easy on the eye presentation on the runway which was at times accompanied with simple props as skateboard and bicycle. What however caught my eye were the cavas bags, esp the one in burnt orange and the shoes… I don’t know if these would be available (LEVIS are you listening???) but I liked the lace ups but I absolutely loved the patterned TOMS. They have so gone on my THINGS-TO-BUY list.

There was this denim peplum dress that sashayed down the runway which had no place in the whole collection let alone as a part of one of the three lines. Also some of the models were required to make the walk again sans the props which was really strange (maybe there were backstage problems)

Adnan Malik was the celebrity showstopper for the show.


*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team…and me