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IMG_4913Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: Button Down Shirt (Cedar wood state) / Chinos (Zainab Market) / Socks (next) /
Desert boots (1st step) / Bowtie (Stoneage) / Cuff (ASOS) / Ring (Flea market)

Some days I just feel like creating a character of sorts, dressing up as that character and playing upon the traits in your own spin always results in some interesting looks. For this look, I went the geeky route, with wild hair inspired by a friend’s animation character of a crazy genius that she made quite a few years ago (I just shook my head wildly :P).  With a polka dotted button down and plum colored pants, I rounded off the look with some laced up navy boots and cobalt blue socks. Adding in a bow tie, I went for a polka-on-polka  effect with a navy dotted bowtie from stoneage along with big square shaped specs to bring out the nerd in me (which I do tend to be). A cuff from asos and a statement ring was just enough to add in a bit of quirk in accessories.


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IMG_4603 (Large)Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: Button-up shirt (yd.) / Jeans (levis) / Socks (next) / Desert Boots (1st step) / Cuff (asos) /
rings (Flea market finds)

 People like me usually tend to avoid pants like white denim for one sole reason…we are hyperactive enthusiasts so what and where might happen to them is a series of unending questions. White denims, as much as people might fear, are not that tricky to pull off. I paired it up with a blue button down (some colors just work) from yd. The arrow motif shirt coordinated perfectly with the pants. The cotton shirt was more than perfect for a bright sunny day. Adding in that pop of color were the red socks that added a bit of a surprise element to the whole outfit. It is always fun to draw attention to subtle details when you have a color based outfit going about and the socks just provide that. I rounded off the look with with navy desert boots. With a look like this the accessories needed to be restrained and thus a couple of rings and a black cuff from ASOS  is just enough to perfectly finish things off.