Going Green

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I’M WEARING: Green Jacket (Myself) / Shirt (Stitched up) / Denim (Levis) /Black suede slipons ( 1st Step)

On the third day of the fashion week, the label I work for Daaman was showing therefore I had to be backstage and do all the running around with my co-workers and boss from model changes, to last minute pressings. For that I went for a basic white button down shirt with dark blue washed Levis denim. To add that pop, I went for this silk jacket that I had made. I found the double toned embossed silk fabric in the local market and had to go for a green since I lacked greens in my wardrobe. The fabric also had a very Tom Ford echo (another reason I chose this), and had gotten it made into the jacket. I went for a simpler silhouette sans any drama and additions so as to let the weave shine. The only thing I allowed myself were those gun metal grey buttons that contrastedthe color well. No better occasion than when you have your own fashion presentation. Easy to manage too, it was comfy and very breathable and I was easily able to run around in it amidst all the crazy-ness. I know i shouldn’t have but I did wanted to pull those sleeves up for a work-y/casual vibe to it. I finished off the look with trusted black suede slip ons that were sleek and pulled the whole look together.
(And yes I did walk the ramp with my boss and my colleagues at work 🙂 )

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri, Amara from Pink 2.55 , and myself.

On the Job

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I’M WEARING: Jumpsuit (myself)/ Combat Boots (Caterpillar)

So the story goes like I was keen to wear a jumpsuit and spotted one in the shoot by Bareeze and also a friend wearing one. It is one of my favorite pieces ever since I saw a couple on the runway of Hermes and was keen to try one myself. Fortunately I found a good breathable twill fabric and was able to get the perfect tailor for it. I had the jumpsuit made quite a while back but finally got the chance to wear at the red carpet of the fashion week. Wanted to go for a certain look therefore had to run around to get these combat boots just in the nick of time for the rough look I had in my mind. I pulled up the sleeves, but kept things simple and sans any accessories (though I do think dog tags would have been an interesting addition…there’s always next time).