Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 – Picks

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I know I know I am late on this one, but better late than never right!! LIFE  does get in the way and did I mention, I graduated and officially a Masters (you probably know that if you follow me on instagram 😛 )

While not averse to the idea of two fashion weeks, a full fledged and succinct fashion week with 5 days for all designers over the country would make much more sense, but I will not get into the politics of fashion, all I’ll say is that it is the case over all the world so Pakistan fashion industry going through it is no anomaly. The Fashion Pakistan Week that took place in Karachi showcased a multitude of designers showcasing their collections. From them, here are my picks:


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13. Links à la Mode Feature

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I love a good How-To.  Usually I’m searching the world wide web for instruction on dry brushing, making eco friendly cleaning supplies, or cutting a pomegranate.  Have you seen that one?!

So, I was captivated by all the fashion How To’s this week.  IFB bloggers showed how to style scarves, striped pants, chokers, metallics, and flash tattoos,  just to name a few.  Through all of that, summer continued to be a strong theme with music playlists, vacation travel logs, and reviews of concert wear and museum sneakers.


Links à la Mode, July 9

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Five Ways to rock Striped Pants

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all five

Striped pants are fun. With LCM and Pitti Umo, where many designers presented printed menswear, printed pants still elude many of the usual everyday guy who still likes to stick to his basics. It is not everyday that you get see men sporting something as graphic as black and white striped pants. Recently when JOSHUA MILTON, a friend of mine and a blogger, recently sported striped pants, I instantly hit off on the idea of doing multiple ways to style this graphic wonder. While I love the monochrome look of pairing these with black, there are still a number of ways that these pair of elusive pants can be styled…

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 I’M WEARING : Tee (Giordano) / Quilted Vest (Gul Ahmed) / Dhoti pants (custom made) / Round Sunnies (9 lines) /Ring and toe ring (Flea Market) / Key Cuff ( Disney) / Kolhapuris (Nagra) / Beads (Flea Market)

In my life I have been lucky enough (touchwood) to come across people who inspire me to some degree with their sense of self and I am proud to call some of these my friends. Possibly taking a leaf out of one of their books and putting my own spin on it hoping to achieve some of what they have. This look is pretty much along the same lines. Pairing up a pair of dhoti pants with a tee, I went for a quite sort of fused look that hits the middle ground. Who said you can’t mix things up!!! This another take on streamline vs volume had me pair these two up in an almost unexpected way. Sydney has been experiencing quite the radical shifts in weather lately with unexpected weather with a slight nip in the air. For that I added in a pair of quilted vest. The Vest adds in a bit not too wintry feel to the look and maintains to keep it from suffocating you. Rounding off the look with a pair of kolhapuris, I went with round 9 lines sunnies just for a bit of tribute to the nineties village villans. Flea Markets are the best place to find quirky accessories and that is where I scored the twisty ring and my toe ring. I finished it off with my recent favorite key cuff.