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The second fashion week of the season, The fashion week from Lahore had quite a few interesting collection that did explore the fun and business sides of fashion. The collections both by debutantes and established designers definitely had people sit up and take notice how pret is evolving within fashion. While there were a few that stuck to the formulaic commercialism, others did dare to venture out, pushing the envelope and making a damn point.

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What to expect in FPW6 – Adnan Pardesy

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When you think of Adnan Pardesy and the variety of collection that he has shown, the one fact that one tends to notice in the impressive repertoire is impeccable construction and fit. Even the harshest of his critics rave about his impeccable construction, fit and brilliantly done fabric manipulation that does not crutch upon the use of embroidery or handwork (barring the last collection). A signature is developed when one tends to repeat certain quirks and techniques and present them differently everytime around so as to keep the audience guessing what he would come up with next. Adnan Pardesy’s love for geometry, fabric manipulation techniques, penchant for couture details is predominant in his aesthetic and one we look forward to every time he is about to show.


His next collection titled EXIMIUS (Latin, which means excellent, fine, superb, extraordinary) is all set to showcase at FPW6. What is surprising is that for his collection, instead of looking out, he seemed to have looked within the country and the culture of using GOTA in the collection. Now GOTA is usually a gold adornment that has been used to adorn and ornament the clothes of this part of subcontinent for centuries. For someone like Adnan Pardesy to use his, popularly termed, ‘western’ aesthetic to give something as traditional as GOTA, a new-age twist would be definitely one collection that is worth keeping a look out for. Applying his constructional techniques that he is known for, it would be one brilliant collection if he manages to pulls this out of the hat successfully. With jackets, skirts and boleros, all adorned with GOTA, this collection is one that I am definitely waiting