Feeha Jamshed

PSFW 2016 Day 1

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It is always an exciting time when fashion week and presentations happen back home. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is one such occasion that is marked on my calendar weeks ahead and boy am I having a blast going through the collections. While I am not watching it live! time difference from back home and work commitments, I do miss out meeting colleagues, fellow bloggers and designers. It is always exciting to see what the designers have been working on and being a designer myself, it becomes second nature to see what is going on. Day 1 at the fashion week, like usual, came with its share of hits and misses
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Fiery Feeha

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Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (57)
Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (1193) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (1017) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (938) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (660) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (642) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (547) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (485) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (453) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (388) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (321) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (269) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (115)

After a rather lackluster first half, Feeha Jamshed opened up the second act of day2. Presenting a monochromatic collection in a range of silhouettes, Feeha’s presentation was far from boring. The collection was inspired by how women dressed through the 20th century, with shapes echoing past eras, especially the 60s through to the 90s, yet were made to suit the contemporary times.

The prints ranged from checkerboard, scallops, stripes all in the combination black and white. Loved almost everyone of them but the scallops and the stripes were drool worthy. There were different silhouettes including cigarette shaped, skinny harem, sailor cropped, cu-lots, draped pants. The tunics ranged from mid-riff baring tops to ones with safari vibe to them to swinging 60s jumpsuits and high waists. The easy separates and all the looks were impeccably stitched and without flaws. As her clothes blazed the runway, one could see how Feeha has moved away from her usual silhouettes to experiment with a few new things but embodying her design aesthetic with it. A very matured and well edited collection.

While I liked he fact that she used cottons and crepe lawns, I was not too sold on the idea of inclusion of sequined and metallic fabric. While there were other ways like accessories to include metallic accents, a few of the looks in those fabrics worked while others did not. One of the looks with the shiny pants looked sloppily put together and stood out for all the wrong reasons in the fierce collection. The finale sequined garment too did not rise to its glamorous self and went on too one toned and flat. While the gun metal one was one of my favorites in terms of its color, I just wished the fabric used would have been different giving off similar effect.

Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (1110) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (1075) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (884)

While it was very difficult to pick what I liked from this collection since whatever was sent down the runway was better than the previous one. While I liked the white crop top with peasant sleeves and a sexy striped back and striped pants, A one shoulder asymmetric striped top, A long black dress with military sexy back (the picture for that is too blurred, remembered this piece from hair meets wardrobe event and liked it then too), the pant suit in scallop print (those pants were very well tailored), the scallop peterpan collared peshwas and the midriff baring top with pants and a draped back cowl printed shrug.

With a Woolmark nomination under her belt, lets see where she goes from here on.

Take a bow Feeha.

Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (715) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (166) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (599) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (199) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (757) Feeha Jamshed 27-4-13 (809) IMAG3494                     IMAG3521

*Image courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly and last two images by me.