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Day 4
Probably one of the better days of the fashion week, barring a few collections, it did show designers step up with some innovative perspectives and interesting ideas on the runway.

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Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive ’16

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For starters, I just fail to understand what will it take for designers to understand that winter festive does not necessarily means clothes for wedding or a bridals to be sent down the runway (you have a bridal fashion week for that). Yes, it is the upcoming ‘wedding season’ and people attending will want clothes but atleast give some worthwhile options… Festive does not have to mean you do the same old work in floral filgree over and over again – There quite a few that missed the ball altogether, others presenting rather meh collections and few managing to hit the right balance between wedding attendees and festive look. The collections that actually made themselves noticeable Read the rest of this entry »

Menswear at AIFWSS17

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One of the most underrated markets at these fashion weeks are the menswear, thankfully, we did manage to have quite a few shows during the fashion week but there have to more with regards to that,

Keeping it simple and clean, what stood out in Druv Vaish were his fun prints especially the multi color horizontal lines. Furthermore I loved the diagonal lines within looks with the cross over Read the rest of this entry »


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I’M WEARING: Jacket (c/o of Adnan Pardesy) / Shirt (Cambridge) / Pants (Denizen) / Socks (Sunday Bazaar) /
Wingtips (Pedro) / Feather Necklace (Stoneage) / handband (gifted)

For the fourth and final day, I went all out with an Adnan Pardesy gota jacket from his EXIMIUS collection from FPW. Having it all about the jacket and have it literally shine (no puns intended), I toned down the rest of the look to black on black so as to compliment the midnight blue of the gota. The gota jacket painstakingly crafted was one of my favorite pieces I wore during these four days. The texture…like I said in my review too.. was just soo pretty. Whats more is that the collection is available for retail at Labels. Got in a nice cotton basic button down and the cotton denim blend skinny pants from my go to brand Denizen. I just had to have some pop of fun color (can’t help myself) and that came via the yellow socks. I cuffed my pants into a single thin cuff for it to play just enough peek a boo while I walked. I finally got the chance to take out these shoes for a spin. I was gifted these babies by a friend on my birthday and was looking for a perfect occasion to flaunt em off. The suede wingtips with a worn out feel at the toes from Pedro went perfectly with the whole look. Loved Them… and did I mention they were comfy. Added in a necklace and hand band just for a lil something extra! A shout out to attire club for helping me with the looks.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Aqsa Razzak

Striped Affair

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (CrossRoads) / Tee (random shop) / Pants (Zainab Market) / Shoes (Regal Store) /
Necklace (StoneAge) / woven hand band (gifted)

You can possibly never go wrong with black and white paired with a color. For Day 3, I did have a few calls, but chose to go with this one coz it looks chic, is easy breezy casual and fun at the same time. And since Day 3 was going to be a LONG day with 9 shows and two breaks, I wanted something easier to move around in. I was glad that guys from attire club were there to help me out with that. I know I know the non wearing capey styled jacket needs to go.. but I was long over due to try it out therefore did so with the black suede motorbikish jacket from crossroads. The striped tee is always a good idea to be paired with a solid color since it has that sort of graphic-y element to it. I chose to go with berry colored pants coz .. cummon!! how many of you expected me to go down that route 😛 .. Nude loafers were my calling for the day since they perfectly contrasted the pants and accented the whole look as well. Finishing off I went for a metal shark tooth necklace and a woven handband the curved square shaped specs finishing off the look.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Ikram Khalid

Shades of Grey

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (Myself) / Shirt (Bossini) / Pants (Zainab Market) / Shoes (1st step)/ Socks (gifted)

Prepping up for fashion weeks is always fun. But when I have to travel, planning goes in as to what to take and what not to, since there is a limit to the luggage too.. hehe. Red carpet is rolled out but its fashion week so why not take some risks while you are at it. I was glad that guys from attire club were kind enough to help me through the process. While I was at it, I just knew I had to wear metallic on atleast one of the days. Don’t even get me started on how last moment was this jacket. If you have been following me on Instagram (here), I’ve had this gunmetal shiny fabric for a while and I just had to get a jacket made. I purposely had one of the lapels as plain matte black so as to avoid looking like wrapped in foil and adding a dimension to the whole jacket. Deciding on it for Day1, and avoiding any quirky theatrics (trust me I had some wild ideas), the jacket was downplayed, since it was a bit too shiny (you think!! 😛 ). Toning it down with a white basic button down with cufflinks (borrowed from Umair who luckily had them), I went with a matte pair of pants that were cuffed for a bit of a fun look and black slip on shoes which pretty much gave it all an understated vibe. The only quirk possibly that came in was through the striped blue socks that were gifted to me by a friend and my big go-to specs these days.

P.S. The look was spotted in Trendspotting: metallics by Daily Times newspaper’s post fashion week style supplement Sunday DT 🙂

*Images shot by me, Umair Mirza and Mikail Soomro