PSFW 2014 Day 3

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head 3

While Day 3 is usually touted to be the best day of the fashion week, there were quite a few surprises in store for me as the collections walked down the ramp.  Some hits, some pleasant surprises and some misses, but it was a quite the satisfying day.

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12. Links à la Mode Feature

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Inspired by Greatness

I found myself inspired by you all to start my own fashion blog. No, it hasn’t happened, but a gal can dream. IFB bloggers had smart advice on the business of blogging this week by sharing tips on collaboration, their own favorite bloggers, and translating high fashion for the real world and budget. I also loved how some of you took me out of my world and shared beautiful traditions and regional fashion. And for those of you wondering which current designer matches your zodiac sign, follow along with Amethyst Honey. That was a new one.

Links à la Mode, July 9

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Bloggers Eid Spreeeee!!!!

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With Eid just around the corner, us 4 friends, Maliha Rao, Umair Mirza, Rabeeyah and myself (all of us who also happen to be bloggers) decided to check out what is up and out there this Eid. Our first stop was Ocean Mall where we first splashed :P. Splash had a good range, a bit steeply priced, but good nevertheless menswear with some interesting textural and easy jackets and printed cotton shirts. They also had a quite a bit of variety of knitted ties. There was a lace shirt in women’s section that I liked and was this close to getting it… remember Burberry 😛 I also liked these round pair of sunnies that were cute and fun priced for 1250 PKR only.

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Pout…with love

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IMG_4564 (Large)

IMG_4524 (Large)

IMG_4510e (Large)e

IMG_4531 (Large)

Photography by Marcos David

  I’M WEARING: Kurta (Khaadi) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Chappals ( Affan Baghpati) / Aviators (factorie) / Rings (Flea market and MABEL)

Anything better to wear on Valentines but red? 😛 And that too with a tunic which advises you to ‘pout, magar pyaar se’ (pout but with love)…Cheesy? Of course 😛 .. For those who don’t know, I am a pretty much a sucker for print, esp one that entails desi kitsch elements. Now because no one would release such a kurta for men, I took up the largest size in women’s tunic, ripped it apart at seams and had my tailor, make a men’s kurta for me on my size (yayyee for customization and I have probably told this story before). Nothing looks better when you combine a looser silhouette with a streamlined one and therefore the skinny jeans are a perfect companion to this tunic. Not going the usual black route (how many times have we seen that) , the navy denim compliments the kurta to a T. As quirky as is my tunic, the footwear is equally fun. Custom designed by a friend, Affan, who is a, wait for it, a fine artist. He was kind enough to make these for me. The mis-matched chappals are always fun either to spruce up my look or compliment it  (you can do mix match with socks too). Rounding off the look were the reflecting aviators that always look fun when paired with desi silhouettes providing a  certain playfulness to the whole look.

And the designers are revealed..

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If you have been following my blog, during PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, the title sponsors collaborated with designers to create limited edition bottles like last year. However this year instead of revealing the bottles, the designs were revealed wherein people guessed who designed what (read about it all here)

Well the wait is over!! During an event, the four designers behind these four bottles were revealed. Adding two new names to the list, Sana Safinaz and FnkAsia and retaining Khaadi and HSY made up the four Sunsilk Edition designer bottles. While I did have some idea of who designed what during Fashion Week, Sana Saf were the ones which were BAM! Out of the blue..Khaadi and Sana Saf went the lawn inspiration route with motifs from their lawn lines incorporating motifs onto their bottles (i liked Khaadi’s last year’s better), HSY went the glamour route, lots of glitter and bold gold or if done up in fashion black satin with a dash of gold and FnKAsia based their bottle on the “freedom of spirit that exudes from the women in Tharparkar as they are not shackled by urban laws.”.

Its interesting to encourage these collaborations that bridge the gap between designer and masses who could not afford luxury designer wear so its just a way for them to own a piece.


Vintage Vibes

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Possibly the best show of the night, Khaadi Khaas’s summer presentation pretty much impressed me with its near flawless execution. Inspired by the baroque, the collection in its spirit carried that execution of exaggeration in terms of forms with floral bursts and digital prints. With a collection that impressive, i’m expecting a high end editorial and nothing else… lets hope am not disappointed

Florals never… and i do mean it never go out of vogue especially during summers. They just find a way to strike back, and this time with Khaadi Khaas, it was all going vintage. Starting off with those in fully top to bottom print looks, the collection later on moved onto pairing them with self embroidered off whites (thankfully they picked the perfect shade). Graduating further from that, they moved into major white on white looks with accents of pops of color through the embroideries against white. These embroideries in floral trellises and motifs provided the right amount of accent while being rendered in a multitude or single color. The white on white separates were perfect for this summer and had a certain aristocratic feel to it thanks to all those floral motifs in the pre renaissance era arrangements.

Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (803) IMG_5193 IMG_5189 Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (607) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (626) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (464) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (423) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (222) IMG_5142 IMG_5195

The seperates with uber chic crop tops to skirts, capes, jackets, sherwanis, crop jackets and moving to floor length dresses, pants and cuffed shalwars, the collection presented quite an array of options this summers . Having a fluid structure gave the whole look summer fun yet sorta authoritative look to it. The intelligently done and proportioned floorlength made models look longer. However a few of the silhouettes combined with those floral prints and embroidery came along with Sabyasachi (DCW 13) overtones.  Specifically the digital print and tiered embroidery floor lengths. But having said that, they did a brilliant job and their finishing was exquisite.. no faults there. The collection was uber chic, pretty and commercial…which is very necessary for a brand like khaadi to send down its trickle downs in the stores.

Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (267) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (314) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (375) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (527) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (578) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (55) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (48) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (678) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (195)

The bags were another major highlight of the show. The vintage floralish bags inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014 meets Masaba Gupta’s debut collection for Satya Paul box bags were with all the jewels and rhinestones on print. However done in their own way to suit their theme and done with equal finesses, they were in varying sizes complemented with chains. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the bags made such an impact that they were a major talking point long after the show was over.  Even though being a guy, I would sooooo want them coz they would be perfect collectibles…sadly like many things, this too would not go into production because of its costs. LOVEEED ALL of THEM. Plus the marcel waves hair and bun…yes I noticed..complimented the whole thing to a T.

If had to be nitpicky, wasn’t quite keen on dividing those florals into boxes… esp in that combo in one of the earlier looks. Also a casual look with that collar shirt seemed to be a casual misfit in the collection. Also the transitions from digital into many whites and embroidered pieces was much more quickly instead of having an equal or a strong footing for printed pieces.

Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (118) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (131)

Loved almost everything … *sigh* u just sit and want to take it all in feeling happy. This is the kind of show that makes you want to come, sit and go home feeling satisfied yet wanting more.I just did not want the show to end.

Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (948)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly…and me

Prints Galore at Khaadi Khas

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Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (79) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (111) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (217) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (317) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (626) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (734)
Khaadi Khaas showed their spring summer 13 collection. Rocking to the Moroccan n Arab music with similar influences in their collection from the region, Khaadi’s look was sort of a mixed bag with good and interesting as well as some dated pieces. While it was a much more refined look from the brand for a relaxed yet glam outing.

The prints roamed around a very paisley turkish territory, interwoven with black and white accents. In a relax and lean silhouette, Khaadi’s collection included kaftans, tunics, jumpsuit, printed and plain palazzos and capris, shrugs, short tops,  as well as floor grazing lengths. While some of the exaggerated-for-ramp tunics were fun, the floor grazing tops/dresses and long length kurtas, did not make the cut for me and felt a bit maternity due to their extra loose shape. While I do understand that these came in from their region’s inspiration, however could have been done in a contemporary context to suit the trend bill.
Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (23) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (156) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (275) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (677)
But it was the delectable prints that did the trick for me. While there was only one Kaftan tunic, where the print looked overwhelming on the model, the rest were fun. The merging into black and whites and the b/w prints combined with colored ones produced some interesting print on print effect, within the same print itself. Eclectic yet commercial, these silk garments were fun and are bound to sell like hotcakes as soon as they hit the stores

Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (390) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (409) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (475) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (524)
Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (581)My picks, the aqua printed palazzos, the self printed jumpsuit sans the shrug, the print of this upper was very interesting, the print on print look of these seperates was just oh-so-chic and the black tunic with exaggerated printed sleeves fun (pity no one is gonna wear it like that and I am not a woman).

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly