Side Stepped

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IMG_5184 (Large)Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: Shirt (TopMan) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Loafers (Outfitters) / Ring (Flea Market)

Who say you need to feel blue when skies are grey? Go out, meet your friends or go on a date. Don’t let weather dampen your plans. While this look may feel understated due to the number of pieces, it is these statement pieces that just make up for no need to go overboard and keep things simple. For a simple casual look, I went for a TOPMAN fun printed shirt.. The fun thing about prints is that you can pair them up with coordinating solids. The interesting thing about this comic strip print is that it is in just one color rather than the riot (which I also happen to love) of colors. I remember doing a white denim and blue shirt look to which this is a complete opposite of sorts… hehe. Pairing up the white and blue shirt with blue skinnys from Levis that went perfectly with the shirt. Adding in a pop of color  via the green loafers going sockless is perfectly in sync with the summer. It keeps the look from going the usual route of almost being fun. If you are having it, why not go all out to have fun.  A fun pair of loafers or boat shoes always amps up a casual look. A statement ring is just all you need for that extra added quirk and you are good to go.

Pout…with love

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Photography by Marcos David

  I’M WEARING: Kurta (Khaadi) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Chappals ( Affan Baghpati) / Aviators (factorie) / Rings (Flea market and MABEL)

Anything better to wear on Valentines but red? 😛 And that too with a tunic which advises you to ‘pout, magar pyaar se’ (pout but with love)…Cheesy? Of course 😛 .. For those who don’t know, I am a pretty much a sucker for print, esp one that entails desi kitsch elements. Now because no one would release such a kurta for men, I took up the largest size in women’s tunic, ripped it apart at seams and had my tailor, make a men’s kurta for me on my size (yayyee for customization and I have probably told this story before). Nothing looks better when you combine a looser silhouette with a streamlined one and therefore the skinny jeans are a perfect companion to this tunic. Not going the usual black route (how many times have we seen that) , the navy denim compliments the kurta to a T. As quirky as is my tunic, the footwear is equally fun. Custom designed by a friend, Affan, who is a, wait for it, a fine artist. He was kind enough to make these for me. The mis-matched chappals are always fun either to spruce up my look or compliment it  (you can do mix match with socks too). Rounding off the look were the reflecting aviators that always look fun when paired with desi silhouettes providing a  certain playfulness to the whole look.


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IMG_4162 (Large)Photography by Marcos David

 I’M WEARING: Button up Shirt (Amir Adnan Business) / Vest ( Face IT) / Pants (Myself) / Loafers (Regal Shoes) / Ring (Flea Market find) / Raybans (gift)

Whenever people think of going corporate, they think serious well tailored no nonsense stuff.. while that is one of the major trademarks, whoever said corporate cannot be fun. For someone like me, who is rather always in need of a bit of a quirk and twist on the classic, it does not have to be as serious as people make it to be. For this look I went for a classic blue button up shirt from Amir Adnan Business line. One of the perfect tips to look ‘dapper’ in a hot weather is to roll up your sleeves. It adds a certain comfort without making you lose that seriousness and saving you from heat, if you are outdoors. Adding up a vest always dresses up a look to a sharp level and nothing like a classic black vest to do so. Plaid pants are always a bit tricky to pull of considering they can always look like PJs but I got mine custom made (yes I did design those) with a slight tapered and tailored look that gives you clean lines without going the PJ route. I rounded off the look with cobalt blue tasseled loafers going sock-less. It gives you a slight casual vibe without overdoing it. A pair of Raybans and you are good to go.

Striped Affair

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (CrossRoads) / Tee (random shop) / Pants (Zainab Market) / Shoes (Regal Store) /
Necklace (StoneAge) / woven hand band (gifted)

You can possibly never go wrong with black and white paired with a color. For Day 3, I did have a few calls, but chose to go with this one coz it looks chic, is easy breezy casual and fun at the same time. And since Day 3 was going to be a LONG day with 9 shows and two breaks, I wanted something easier to move around in. I was glad that guys from attire club were there to help me out with that. I know I know the non wearing capey styled jacket needs to go.. but I was long over due to try it out therefore did so with the black suede motorbikish jacket from crossroads. The striped tee is always a good idea to be paired with a solid color since it has that sort of graphic-y element to it. I chose to go with berry colored pants coz .. cummon!! how many of you expected me to go down that route 😛 .. Nude loafers were my calling for the day since they perfectly contrasted the pants and accented the whole look as well. Finishing off I went for a metal shark tooth necklace and a woven handband the curved square shaped specs finishing off the look.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Ikram Khalid