Cannes 2015 : Splashes and Ripples on Red Carpet

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Untitled-1Primarily a film festival, and it should be respected as such, Cannes in the past few years has notoriously become one of the highlight in the annual calendar due to its glitzy red carpet. Hwever, Cannes this time around was rather a less dramatic affair…. what is with red carpet events this year… however regular fashionistas gave us moments that were definitely worth watching what they would wear next on the red carpet. From Sonam Kapoor to Julianne Moore… even Katrina Kaif made her debut at the red carpet at this edition of Cannes. There were some fun brilliant moments and some missteps but our fashionistas did their best and rocked every thing they donned…. Read the rest of this entry »


Because you’re totally worth it!

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Admist the humid heat of Karachi, L’Oreal Paris held a Mall Animation Event at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Now while makeup is not my cup of tea, as a designer, when I tend to design, I know exactly the kind of look I am looking for. Therefore when I read the invite that they were introducing four distinct make-up looks for Spring/Summer 2013, the event was definitely one to attend. To attend the event I went for the Waleed Zamaan look…black shoes and white shirt with two tone pink and yellow paddle pop pants.

IMAG7175 IMAG7177 IMAG7162 IMAG7161
The Event was not only the introduction of these looks, but also the launch of L’Oreal Revitalift. The presentation began with a video presentation of L’Oreal Paris, followed up by intro and advantages of the BB cream by Pengs and Dr. Khilji. Furthermore testimonials by Ayesha Haswani, Kiran Aman, Nida Azwer and Sanam Chadhry, were also shown all endorsing how they love the fuss free, BB cream.

However my interest lied in the segment where in they introduced the up-to date makeup looks. Followed by an introduction to L’Oréal Paris make-up and Spring/Summer 2013 make-up looks by Product Manager at L’Oréal Paris, Nubain Ali, a unique make-up and fashion presentation was presented wherein make-up expert Saba Ansari of Sabs introduced all these looks. What was interesting was the collaboration of these four distinct looks with 4 leading fashion designers; LE SMOKY byDeepak Perwani, LE SHOCKING by Sadaf Malattere, LE GLAMOUR by Sana Safinaz and LE SENSUAL by Shehla Chatoor . These designers created exclusive capsule collections in accordance with the makeup look and line they seem to be associated with. It was pretty amusing to see how the outer crowd of the mall were looking on from the outskirts while the fashion presentation went about its business. My favorite looks had to be LeSMOKY and LeSHOCKING and I could already think of how these could be used. However in terms of clothes, it was Shehla Chatoor’s that stood out from the rest (I would still argue that the jacket with that sari should have been avoided 😛 )

L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SMOKY by Deepak Perwani (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SHOCKING by Sadaf Malattere (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE GLAMOUR by Sana Safinaz (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SENSUAL by Shehla Chatoor (1)

Furthermore, the event also had Complimentary consultation by the L’Oreal Experts, Two revolutionary Skin Analytical technologies: Skin Genius – software which analyzes skin deficiencies within minutes and AGE ME – age progression software that uses scientific research to accurately predict what you will look like in the future, based on your present lifestyle.  In attendance were Tapu Javeri, Sadaf Malatere, Shehla Chatoor, Ayaz Anis, Sania Maskatiya, Nida Azwer, Wardha Saleem among others. However conspicuous of their absence were Deepak Perwani and the duo Sana Safinaz.

L’Oreal team, Bulls Eye for event management, talent management and choreography by Catwalk and Public Relations by Lotus , all came in together for one brilliantly done event that was definitely worth it (yes that pun was totally intended).

*Image courtesy Dragonfly and myself