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Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: T.shirt (Giordano) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Socks (SOXY BEAST) / Boots (Stoneage) / Necklaces (Stoneage) / Leather cuff (Shehla Chatoor) / Rings and Midi Ring (Flea Market Finds)

I, for one, am a sucker for fun socks. Be it patterned or solid popping colors. While one (and myself) would expect me to take a certain attention grabbing approach towards these socks, when these patterned socks from SOXY BEAST arrived, I immediately knew how I would want to style them (and not the usual way). Soxy beast is a socks based brand that helps you stand out of the crowd in the most subtle or the boldest (however you may choose to style it) way via socks. ‘Bold patterns that help one channel their inner beast, who takes pride in his appearance and makes a strong impression on all he meets.’ Also what I liked was Soxy beast’s subscription. Releasing one design per month, if you subscribe, your subscription provides a pack of school socks to a child refugee. A small, however but significant effort to give back on their part. As far as my look goes I, however went for a much more subtle approach with these patterned socks, than I usually do. Going for a much casual affair, I went for a full sleeve tee and beige skinnys to go along with the look. Keeping the color scheme relatively simple with teals and neutrals, the pattern of the socks provides just enough quirky subtle detail that demands that you look again to find fun details. Finishing off with brown suede bourges, I accessorized with a few rings, a leather cuff from Shehla Chatoor, and necklaces from Stoneage.


Monochromatic Mood

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IMG_2393 (Large)Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: Button up shirt(Cambridge) / Printed pants (Myself) / Wingtip Bourges (Pedro) / Ring (Mabel) / Sunnies (9lines)

Starting off the new year with a mono-chromatic look,  I went for a black and white route with some statement printed pants. Now I have been in love with printed pants for quite a while and got these made last minute before leaving back home. I found this fun chevron print and wanted a pair of printed pants so bad that decided to get made one myself because I couldn’t find any back home. Offsetting the pants, I decided to pair it up with a classic and basic black button up shirt (a must have in every guy’s wardrobe) and my black wingtip bourges from Pedro, while going sockless. Rounding it off with a pair of round shaped sunnies from 9 lines all I added was a statement Handcrafted ring from MABEL to add just enough accessories without going overboard. Now ever since I got here I have seen quite a few of these 3d printed rings, but what sets MABEL apart is that it has wood inlay between the two 3D printed looking sides, handcrafted into a ring giving it something extra. I bought it at one of the craft fairs that I visited.

Christmas Cruise

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bPhotography by Laura Fortes and me

I’M WEARING: Button Up (Amir Adnan) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Knit Tie (Stoneage) / Socks (next) / Boots (Stoneage) / Rings (Flea market finds)

Getting into the spirit of Christmas, I went that route while I went on a cruise with friends. My wild child hair went pretty much free and had the time of their life in the unpredictable but fun Sydney weather (what can I say..I love rains). My Amir Adnan Button up is from their business line of shirts that I took for a casual spin at this occasion. Pairing it up with loosely tied knit stoneage tie, pretty much did what I was aiming for.. made the white and red striped tie stand out, yet connect to it. The pop of green socks perfectly rounded off the Christmas coded colors without being too much in your face. Nothing spells casual like a pair of skinny jeans but to maintain a bit of a vibe with the tie, I rounded off the look with brown suede boots and couple of rings from flea market. Also just had to share some of the shots of the cruise with you guys 🙂