Fashion in Movies – Hollywood 2017

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These end-of-the-year picks by no means are conclusive final word – the movies are the ones that I caught and watched therefore anyone coming after me why a certain movie was not included – well I did not see it. But this year undoubtedly was where women were on the forefront – be it kicking ass in real life or on screen and with their multi-layered portrayal, hit home and ran away with all the accolades. Matching actors and actresses were the costumes that helped them transform into these multi dimensional characters, merging with it’s sensibilities so much that you only see the character – not the actor

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Breaking Norms at London Collections : Men SS16

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House Of Holland
No one was more happy than me when Henry Holland announced his menswear debut. Whenever Henry used to step out in one of his own, I always used to wish that he ventured into menswear…and now.. Yayyeee!!! It is almost EXACTLY like I would have imagined Henry Holland menswear would be bringing his fun colorful sensibilities that we are used to within his menswear. The cheeky text Read the rest of this entry »