PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week


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The second fashion week of the season, The fashion week from Lahore had quite a few interesting collection that did explore the fun and business sides of fashion. The collections both by debutantes and established designers definitely had people sit up and take notice how pret is evolving within fashion. While there were a few that stuck to the formulaic commercialism, others did dare to venture out, pushing the envelope and making a damn point.

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PSFW 2016 Day 4

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4 head

Day 4 turned out quite the antithesis of what I expexted of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, yet it did have some highlights

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PSFW 2016 Day 1

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It is always an exciting time when fashion week and presentations happen back home. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is one such occasion that is marked on my calendar weeks ahead and boy am I having a blast going through the collections. While I am not watching it live! time difference from back home and work commitments, I do miss out meeting colleagues, fellow bloggers and designers. It is always exciting to see what the designers have been working on and being a designer myself, it becomes second nature to see what is going on. Day 1 at the fashion week, like usual, came with its share of hits and misses
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And the designers are revealed..

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If you have been following my blog, during PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, the title sponsors collaborated with designers to create limited edition bottles like last year. However this year instead of revealing the bottles, the designs were revealed wherein people guessed who designed what (read about it all here)

Well the wait is over!! During an event, the four designers behind these four bottles were revealed. Adding two new names to the list, Sana Safinaz and FnkAsia and retaining Khaadi and HSY made up the four Sunsilk Edition designer bottles. While I did have some idea of who designed what during Fashion Week, Sana Saf were the ones which were BAM! Out of the blue..Khaadi and Sana Saf went the lawn inspiration route with motifs from their lawn lines incorporating motifs onto their bottles (i liked Khaadi’s last year’s better), HSY went the glamour route, lots of glitter and bold gold or if done up in fashion black satin with a dash of gold and FnKAsia based their bottle on the “freedom of spirit that exudes from the women in Tharparkar as they are not shackled by urban laws.”.

Its interesting to encourage these collaborations that bridge the gap between designer and masses who could not afford luxury designer wear so its just a way for them to own a piece.



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Among all the fashion filled affairs were the sponsor activities that took place during all four days. Like last year Sunsilk, the title sponsors, collaborated with designers for four Sunsilk designer edition bottles. However this time around things went for an interesting toss as sneak peeks of these bottles were released with an envy worthy lounge arranged everyday in accordance with the theme.. attendees and twitteratis had a bit of guessing game who was the designer behind that particular day’s bottle. Every designer designed the bottles with their signature elements and designs and what better place to launch peeks of collab than a fashion week. RAK Associates did a brilliant job in creating some really chic spaces translating those signatures in form of an interior space. My personal favourite being the one on Day 2 with all blacks and golds.. just chic…loved those armchairs. Also a shout out to the team at Golin Haris, Thank you.


IMG_2225 IMG_2226


Day 3 (i)


Also Magnum Pleasure Bar returned this time around after its immense success last year. Owing to its immense popularity, year was no different. The bar returned with increased amount of toppings to choose from with white vermicelli being my favourite one and trust me I had to fight my way into in for all three days…fourth day sadly I couldn’t make it coz it was such a mob that I thought it was better to keep my distance. A tip: a bit of a rock salt does wonders and gives a different dimension to the whole sweetness. I was definitely not sorry to spoil myself with some indulgence.

One of the major sponsors with some breathtaking carpets were this Lahore based carpet company called Abbas carpets. These hand knotted carpets, purely Pakistani to the core, and international in standards were … excuse my language.. FUCKIN AMAZING… Loved a self on self green and a yellow/ochre goldenish one and definitely went onto my wishlist…I am usually very hard to please more so when it comes to interiors since it has to be something that has to be in use for quite a while… but was left pretty impressed *note to self… need to save a lot*
IMG_2791 1795647_739836222717205_4866776757606998744_n

Hitting the urban streets

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Pakistan sunsilk Fashion week or PSFW has always been one of the major events in the fashion scene of Pakistan and after attending for the first time last year, I was lucky enough to do so this year too. Invited by the organizers, who were kind enough to do so, I had 4 days of unapologetic fashion filled long weekend.

MK nation kicked off things for the fashion week with an urban high street show at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014. Debuting last year during an election campaign, MK Nation created waves with its Imran Khan Kurtas. Bearing the flag of high street, MK nation was the first one to showcase.

The collection predominantly featured prints in urban silhouettes along with the use of susi ( a woven striped fabric with a supplementary warp ) in various forms. Now with a background in textile design, it does not come as a surprise that I loved the fact that the woman Maheen Kardar Ali, used the handwoven fabric (i believe u do get machine woven now too) to the forefront and that too instead of luxury, to a high street section (it just makes it more accessible to masses). The grid collage prints along with urban social media references, and fun object prints, the collection had a relaxed seperates, tops, tunics, tapered pants (both long and cropped), mini skirts (though people do question who wears them, a certain section of people do), crop tops, jumpsuits, susi palazzos, loose kurtas. The later part of the collection moved towards embellishments on kurtas.  

While much has been said about the mini dress similar to aarti vijay gupta and chanel (lets not go there), the social media references were inevitable to notice with their cheeky play of words and hashtag symbols. The ‘selfie’ inscriped top reminded me of the one done by Huemn by Pranav Mishra and Shyma shetty (and no its not a copy!!) . And now you all know whats coming up. Who did it better? I have my pick.. do you? Do comment

1970927_486934854745369_1275137679_n MK Nation by Karma (3)

However the urban relaxed vibe of the ensembles was evident, the use of susi with such design concept did not come together in a a marriage of sorts. From the relaxed vibe it went on to an another tangent with the bling and susi, which were good in their individual right and could be worn right off the runway, but did not seem to match up to the whole collection that had a certain design philosophy running through it. But to credit Maheen Kardar, showcased a decent presentation and has her finger on the nerve as to what will sell as many of them would be snagged up as soon as they hit stores, esp the hollywood ensemble.

MK Nation by Karma (25)

My picks: well the opening piece for sure was a winner all the way with miss peggy, liz taylor and other hollywood references, the skull with a pagri print was such a fav, wish it was in a button down menswear shirt, those ralli cutwork inspired pants and the newspaper print scarf (am such a sucker for the newspaper print its not even funny) made it to my list.

MK Nation by Karma (1) MK Nation by Karma (2)  MK Nation by Karma (24) MK Nation by Karma (11) MK Nation by Karma (17)

NOTE: Due to extensive number of shows, I will review selected high street shows on the blog. 

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly