Television in Vogue – 2015

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Television in 2016 made quite the strides with many series putting their best fashion foot forward. From perspective memory of characters to fantasy to fun working mother to sassy Cookie, the variety within the series lineup was varied, fun, story teller and interesting. The genres too expanded from serious dramas, to horror and fantasy to comedy and thrillers, with relate-able and aspirational wardrobe of some interesting characters.
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Ever since Revenge returned from its mid season sabbatical, I was probably one of the first few actually waiting for it (along with Good wife and Once upon a time) and returning back along was the one and only Gabriel Mann. With his wardrobe who could say he turned up at the job in baggy tee and t. shirt. One of the major things that have changed about this 40 yr old (gasp! but yes ) is that he is sporting the two toned hair which he makes it work and how. Not many people know how to do that but this one comes out with flying colors and with ease.


However this post s about the bowler hat printed button down that Mr. Mann was recently seen sporting in season 3. The Vikto & Rolf ‘Monsieur’ shirt immediately caught my eye given my love for prints esp. the fun quirky ones (follow me for my outfit posts or check out my instagram) and this one was no exception. Actually made me sit up and take notice. Whats fun is that he buttoned this half sleeve all the way to the top with folded sleeves and still look as sassy as possible. Now that is a mark of someone who knows what looks good on him and yet is not self conscious of what he is wearing.


clothes maketh the Mann

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Gabriel Mann is probably one of the few characters of series that I watch, who’s impeccable wardrobe has made it on my lust list (and cummon! these are the wealthy and haughty Hamptonites… duh! who is badly dressed there). While there are some of the stylist’s saritorial choices, that I may not agree with, this one was an instant favorite when I saw it during lunch hours at work!! (yep that’s what I do :P) . This ex- runway model has one drool worthy wardrobe put together by the stylist Jill Ohanneson, even Mann admits to try stealing from it and I don’t blame him.


One look that was my instant fav from the word go was this red, blue and white thick striped shirt with piped blazer (a repeat from season 1) and a woven belt. The white trousers are a staple in Ross’s wardrobe and he wears them well. Finishing off with a patterned red pocket square, this is one look I am definitely game for trying out…and why not!! The series might be Emily’s but the wardrobe is Nolan Ross’s that is much more entertaining.


Playful Paisley

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Now I did spot a blog going about spotting and discussing styling of Gossip girl therefore I thought of why not do it for shows I watch. To kick off things, there was no one better than Gabrial Mann aka Nolan Ross the IT genius from the series REVENGE. While Victoria may have an enviable wardrobe of body con sheaths, it Nolan Ross that catches you off guard with his fun styling. In season 2, one of the episodes featured Nolan Ross wearing a paisley etro jacket. Combined with his sass, one does not even consider Victoria seeing how good Nolan Ross looks in that jacket styled with a black shirt and pants.

tumblr_mlo6vti5xE1rk6fj7o1_500 GABRIEL MANN, MADELEINE STOWE


Now seeing the jacket, I remembered my visit to PSFW last year when Shamoon Sultan from Khaadi sported the same jacket.


And the inevitable question that has to be asked… who wears it better??? I have my pick