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Oscars 2015 – Red Carpet

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It was rather surprisingly a lackluster affair at the Oscars this year. Women dressed way better at the Globes. While Jessica Chastain went a good jewel tone but the sad sash with embellished bodice maternity look and her fiery hair into tamed into straight school girl gone stepford housewife hair, What happened to you between Globes and Oscars??? Attempting a miss goody two shoes look???  Best Actress winner Julianne Moore disappointed in something that ‘Karl made for her’…. Woman … you should have stuck to Givenchy or Tom Ford… they gave you such memorable moments at Globes and SAG… the squashed sequined flowers rows was rather meh!! Almost the worst gown ever by a best actress winner….Even Cate Blanchette was just hanging around the outskirts looking bored and barely bringing in her red carpet game.

Jared Leto’s outfit was copied by the Lego singers and it wasn’t as awesome on them. Scarlet Johansson and Lupita Nyongo were in competition with each other for the role of the new sea witch… someone might as well cast them as two bad ass sea witches fighting off each other…who needs Ariel, its Sea Poison Ivy versus the Oyster Queen of Pearls (Lupita’s Vanity Fair Party Calvin Klein look was flawless) . Laura Dern‘s gown as much fun as it was, she did not need to ruin the whole look by that styling going all Game of Thrones and making it go all armoury.. Felicity Jones, almost had a moment…her Globes one still by far the best look for her this award season. Zoe Saldana, a little personality wouldn’t hurt, you had such a good gown with subtle graphic details. And what to say about Gwenyth Paltrow… why is she even invited to Oscars anymore… Darling they don’t hand out awards to trying-to-look-like-when-i- won.

Here are my picks for the best dressed women of the night.


After Naomi Watts at Globes, it was Jennifer Hudson’s turn to try on the cheery yellow color on the red carpet. The butter yellow gown from the Romona Keveza Spring 2015 collection with half peplum and tiny accent belt was classic chic, while the color adds a splash of fun to the simple silhouette. The bold emerald and diamond earrings and cocktail ring are a lovely accent, perfectly styling off the gown. Paired with Jimmy Choo ‘Minnie’ sandals she rounded off the look. Jennifer’s sleek hair, flawless skin and subtle makeup complete the look. She changed up with another smashing look with a black velvet gown, dangling earrings and deep magenta lips was as perfect for the night as the red carpet look. From cheery to sultry, this chic rocked it all.


The usual sultry siren on the red carpet went for a much more prettier and princessy moment for her big night at the Oscars. The Layers of romantic nude-hued tulle were speckled with monochromatic beading from the deep cut neckline, dripping all the way past the waistline. The look was styled to chicest perfection via the most slim belt, a matching clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo and simple diamond drop earrings. What was a masterstroke was the high ponytail that added the perfect contrasting playful element, balancing out the high drama dress. A pink pout and she was the princess of the night.


After Jessica Chastain’s unusual bronze choice at the Globes, it was Emma’s chartreuse pick made for the unusual perfect red carpet moment this Oscar season. The custom long-sleeved Elie Saab couture gown with illusion detailing, an open-back and chartreuse beading worked perfectly for the her skin tone accented off with her hair. Christian Louboutin ‘Gardnera’ sandals compliment the gown perfectly. The flawless look was finished with her wavy side swept bob and deeply pigmented coral matte lips were perfect accent and fun take on the red carpet.


If there was one dress that said ‘ delivered a baby and the bitch is back baby’, it had to be Rosamund’s Oscar red carpet moment.  The crimson Givenchy Couture number created a visual spark on the red carpet with its dimensional, intricate embroidery sexily cinched in with a visible corset. What is intriguing about this look is its in sync with her nominated character as well as despite being embroidered overall, it does not overwhelm her. Finishing her sassy red carpet look, in minimal fashion—dainty Lorraine Schwartz earrings, alongside a swept-back bun and barely-there rose-tinged makeup were all she needed.


Chanelling her inner sultry boudoir, starlet Margot Robbie looked smoldering in Saint Laurent on the red carpet. Saint Laurent is becoming the go to designer for the young guns providing edgy elegant outlook. The subtly sexy Saint Laurent gown with a plunging neckline and sheer sleeves channeled her 70’s glam actress look. The Van Cleef & Arpels necklace featuring rows of diamonds, sapphires and a dramatic tassel was a perfect accent to the black draped gown. Styling the look to a T, flawless skin, a matte red lip, gorgeous brows and a slick blonde bob made her one of the best dressed ones.


Naomi Watts is one actress who is always noted for her sartorial choices on the red carpet. Decked in Armani Prive, the black, white and grey brick like embellished brick pattern was fresh in Naomi-esque manner. With halter neckline that had delicate straps and the black, beaded cutout along the sides of the gown was a modern and chic take on the cutout trend. Styling with oversized inky-blue and diamond drop earrings and a black Rauwolf clutch. Soft waves and a deep berry lip topped off the vampy look to perfection.


The fierce Anna Kendrick wore a custom Thakoon coral gown with a keyhole accent and diamond collar. The color and drape of the gown offered an elegant look. The blush of her cheeks and lips are the perfect with her gown, and the slightly smokey eyes are a dream compliment. The hair is twisted classic updo with a slight swept. Diamond earrings and a cocktail ring continued the classic glamour theme.



Lady gaga might have looked her usual self on the red carpet, it was her performance look that won me over. What I always love about GAGA is she looks her best when she is at her neutral best and this was THE look. With a white gown, grey hair and neutral look, this was probably her best look for me. It’s natural, fresh and she CAN sing.

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2014- Films in Fashion

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Quite the year that went by, with many movies that gave us some spectacular fashion moments that seem to reprise and echo the past yet transcend boundaries of time. Personally for me, the costumes in any movie need to blend in with the character so much that they become second skin to it; hardly noticable. Yet, One should be able to tell the story via costumes even without the human forms present. The costumes, apart from adding in an extra layer to the character help built it showcasing a characters progression and this year gave us some major fashion in motion picture moments to be excited about.



When a movie is made on a fashion legend and arguably one of the most youngest rebels in his own right of the last century, it is bound to be included in fashion movie lit. Yves Saint Laurent gave us a journey through the designer’s turbulent life but not without his exquisite and ground breaking works that he gave us while making History in Fashion. With Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s former partner, opening archives for the costume designer Madeline Fontaine, it would have been exciting, nervous and intimidating to work with original pieces for the film for her. From Le Smoking tuxedo to his wedding dress at Dior, the movie showcased it all how the designer brought the sexy, defiance and expressed power through his pieces. Him being one of my favorites, it was awe inspiring to see how Fontaine excelled at the outfits that evoked the charm and the genius that was YVES SAINT LAURENT.



When you have Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston starring in a movie you know magic is bound to happen. Jim Jarmusch’s eclectic Eve and Rocker Adam, the two glamorous centuries old vampire couples with their love for music, literature, arts and a chilling thirst for blood. Transient yet eclectic Eve manages to pull off embellished Kaftans to minimalist jackets (that white jacket she wore was just epic) defying time, tradition and crossing over cultures with simple silhouettes and clean lines, looking well put together despite her wild mane. Her young lover Adam presented the perfect grungy rock-and-roll vibe as he swooned unconcerned around his home in Detroit in half-unbuttoned dark shirts and bare feet, slim jeans, and lanky black hair. Bina Daigeler successfully managed to erase time from the character’s outlook complimenting the whole timeless setting of the movie  Its vintage, dystopic and epitome of casual chic.




The Magnificent Maleficent was one of the major moments this year as all eyes were on Angeline with bated breath. The classic Disney villain was brought to life with her side of the story. From her organic roots to her classic black horned badass look that was being anticipated and boy did the designers deliver.. Angelina never looked as badass. Using organic materials like bones and feather to accentuate her outfits, her labradorite stone inspired lenses and the devilish red lip. They used cow leather, sting ray and even ostrich shin leather . The black party crasher look in leather that flowed yet was constructed with that organic shaped collar, was the major highlight. It was brutal, savage and couture. Angelina channelled her deliciously dark diva attitude to perfection and left quite an imprint as the Menacing Maleficent.


One of those rare movies where Keira Knightley plays a contemporary character of a singer/songwriter. Her style choices evolve with her character graph from a break up of a long term relationship to establishing herself as an artist. From hipster and rugged choices to bohemian and feminine, the clothes tell a certain story of various points in her life and how she progresses throughout the movie. Adam Levine on the other hand swapped between tees and tunic shirts layering them with plaids and waistcoats and pairing them up with distressed as well as straight skinny jeans.

One of the major disappointments that one usually has is how when a book is adapted, the characters are not how they imagined them to be. However I had no such complaints from Gone Girl. The regular not-so-girl-next-door was pretty much bang on styled the way one could perceive so while reading the book. Sunkissed natural makeup, simple pieces, soft colors and quality statements, all of those things made up Amy. While I did have a little trouble imaging Ben Affleck as Nick, but Rosamund Pike nailed Amy. One of the biggest challenge as a stylist and designer for a movie like this is NOT to stand out of the crowd and Trish Summerville (the costume designer), pretty much aces at it. She kept things regular, simple, classic and barely noticeable for the couple.


It’s an Armani Affair for Jessica Chastain playing Anna in A Most Violent Year set in the 1980s. The movie is set out to do for the 80s what American Hustle did for the 70s. Armani worked with director J.C Chandor and costume designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone to provide every single outfit in Anna’s wardrobe.  Wearing the brand exclusively throughout the movie, Chastain exudes her inner power woman who takes no shit from anyone. Crepe blouses, wrap trenches, beaded jackets, and plunging bustiers, is the very picture of power. The clothing becomes sort of armour and the way the character dresses. The white wrap trench with sleek bob and red lip.. evocative and powerful.

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