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PSFW 2016 Day 1

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It is always an exciting time when fashion week and presentations happen back home. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is one such occasion that is marked on my calendar weeks ahead and boy am I having a blast going through the collections. While I am not watching it live! time difference from back home and work commitments, I do miss out meeting colleagues, fellow bloggers and designers. It is always exciting to see what the designers have been working on and being a designer myself, it becomes second nature to see what is going on. Day 1 at the fashion week, like usual, came with its share of hits and misses
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Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive 2015 Day 1

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Kicking things off on Day 1, Fashion Pakistan Week begun with the usual fervor with designers, Shehla Chatoor, Sania Maskatiya, Gulabo, Ayesha Hashwani, Tena Durrani, Hisham Malik and Sana Safinaz  showcasing their luxury and high end collections.


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FPW A/W’14 Day3 Part II

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Where the wild things are
With a match made in fashion heaven of outhouse jewelry and Mohsin Ali for Sana Safinaz, the collection that was about all wild things and translated into luxury pret ensembles. Mohsin brought in a certain sense of bravery within this offering from the house of Sana Safinaz flexing his muscles into a well established brand. While a few Haider Ackerman moments ensued, Mohsin pretty  much nailed the collection with interesting drapes, some deliciously dark and luxe color palette and unusual embellishments. Barring any usual evening wear outing, he went for boxy silhouettes, oversized boyfriend shirts, suits and tops that could easily be seperated or synced in together. Inspired by wild jungle, the prints in greens and browns accented off with unexpected purples and lapiz blues and bright oranges were a perfect delicacy for the winters. The collection had quite a few wrapped shrugs and tops, fuller printed skirts and the power suits, esp the printed one meant that this woman meant some serious fashion business. The fierce collection was complimented by equally fiery accessory pieces by Outhouse jewelry. The quirky pieces added a lot of character and depth to an already fun ensembles and were a perfect match that added onto the look. The evocative, sensuous and delectable collection was one of the major highlights of the fashion week.



Bang Bang Tang
The only Lahore designer Faraz Manan to showcase at the fashion week, Faraz’s collection had me over the fence whether to completely like it or not. While it had some interesting pieces, the shanghai-ness seemed to be missing. He played with quite a few sheer, distressed and his favorite pretty bling details in tops dresses, seperates, jackets, crop tops and skirts. While he was in his usual luxe element, the pieces esp the ones paired with distressed denim could have been styled much better. There were quite a few moment that I did feel that I have seen so much better work from him. With some brilliant highs, there were a few basic (pun intended) lows that just could not match up to the peaks in the presentation. However all was not lost in the process. The chevron gunmetal wrap dress was completely lust worthy. He picked the right shade and the perfect pattern. The gunmetal bandhgala was another winner. Not many people do pink jacket well, he for one did it, one that makes me want to own one just because his was soo well made (could have been styled better though).



Modern Regalia
What has Nauman Arfeen not shown in menswear that he has not showcased before. Known for his classic approach towards eastern menswear, Arfeen remained true to his element this time in tones of browns and blacks presenting a modern yet traditionally rooted nawabi collection. While I partly expected him to go much more contemporary after his last showing of blues and browns, he did remain in his zone for the most part of his presentation while experimenting withing that arena. . While I was ok with the black ones, one of the pieces was odd with a fringe arm band detail, and another one without an inner to the sherwani (that exposed shalwar pants was not a good idea) and the some of the embroidered pieces needed to be toned down heavily from their nineties-ness.The browns and bronzes fared better showing quite a bit range in graded printed jackets and print on print suit that were an absolute favorite and almost a perfect compliment to Sabyasachi’s modern maharani gayatri devi interpretation (here). I would definitely like the designer to step out a bit more even though it is fair enough considering the desi man is not that experimental, but unless he is offered something, how would he know unless he tries.

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team.

P.S. A shoutout to Latitude PR for keeping things running smoothly and remarkably on time breaking myths of shows not being able to end before 11pm.. not a mean feat.

FPW A/W’14 Day1 Part I

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The Fashion Pakistan Week kicked off in full storm and I enjoyed every livestreamed minute of it (wish I was there). Kudos to Latitude and Faisal Kapadia for having one of the most seamless livestream. Though it did have a couple of glitches, but for most part I was a happy camper staying up for the fashion week

Uber Boho
With sightings of it on red carpet, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the opening show of Ather Hafeez for Sana Safinaz. However as soon as it began, my doubts were defintitely put to rest with a collection that was high on glam and embodied all qualities of a boho chic vibe running throughout it. The band walas playing Dum Maaro dum and seamlessly flowing into Get Lucky was the perfect accompaniment for the collection with its upbeat vibe and quirky accents.

The fablousness that sashayed onto the ramp via this collection comprised of some deft handling at layers, drapes and prints on silks. The collection that featured kitschy prints combined with those black and whites, in an array of colors, saw Ather Hafeez return to his element. What I loved about the collection was layers on layers on layers of prints but done soo right in terms of proportions and balance that nothing looks out of place. With a nod to referencing seventies,  calligraphy crop tops, breezy jackets, print peek-a-boo of bra lets,  printed pants (wide and tapered) all worked together bringing a collection that was right up my boho chic alley. What I also loved were the round shades that were a perfect tribute to the vintage with models channeling their inner Zeenat Aman (one of the ensemble even reminded me of her.. guess which one hint: its one of the top 5) on the ramp. Barring some pieces, yellow one on cybil, two opening pieces (both were too villagey styled and a bit too OTT), bling tank dress seemed odd in the whole collection though I loved it and the lime yellow top with pink pants and blue upper looked kinda bit jokerish, the collection had many brilliant moments. The splash of color on runway was the perfect way to start things off. My picks.. the last five pieces in pictures above.. Loved that calligraphy crop top styled to perfection, sheer pants and the whole boho vibe of the dress (perfect dum maro dum moment) and collection…What was there not to love



Dawned, but yet to Rise
Ishtiaq Afzal Khan is best remembered for the debacle of his last outing. His collection resided on solid colors inspired from dawn fared better than his previous offering but because we have seen so much of it already, his collection seemed a bit in need of an update. Starting off with a trio, he presented what seemed like three mini capsules on the runway from matt gold pistachio to oranges to midnight hue. The collection featured an array of dresses, saris with jackets (iraj made that work,sorry), fun take on patialas and basic seperates. While he did not experiment much, he came under the fire because it was too basic. That mini dress would have been a winner if not for bad stitching. The patialas though as much as I liked them and offered a break in the sequence of things, they felt a bit of misfit in a collection that was much more body flattering and streamlined lines. I also spotted a dior meet Zara Shahjahan skirt (from where u ask? similar vibe and print that she used).  An orange ensemble with a quilted jacket had a confused inner with part bra let, part lace going on.  The collection did present some interesting elements but for most part the three capsules sort of seemed disconnected from each other.

He also presented one menswear, one each for each set. The matt gold one was too vintage with a 50s vibe and the black one needed a better fit. Of the three the rusty orange quilted jacket fared a much better success. Also one of the fawn gold pieces from the trio, the peplum leather top was near flawless with the hot sheer low back and coupled with ripple quilted pants. And as I said earlier loved the patialas with layered tops esp those quilted kotis were fun spins.



Confused Chills
Always love a jacket with a dress and sneakers (Rubya Chaudhry pulled that off brilliantly), Sadly for Levis, that moment came a bit too soon. An example of how putting together pieces and styling is a necessity, Levis provided a view on how could it all go wrong and what not to do. While the concept of presenting a winterwear was on point, the selection of pieces that could have made up for a potential winning casual outing was let down. Ah where to begin, from Adnan Siddiqui’s 90’s laidback look oddly fitted(even he couldn’t save it)to the psychedelic purple jeggings to washed out pastels with jarring boots that made even Neha look stout to those camouflage pants looking way outta place in the whole collection. A whole lot went wrong at many points and while the same collection could have been presented way better, this was a bit of an missed oppurtunity.

Selecting the pieces to go on the runway from your regular lines makes sense, but what to showcase and putting together as ensembles does become a point of inference. You do know there are bloggers in Pakistan and could have collaborated with them… Collab ideas! is anyone listening.

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team

Sneak Peek: Fashion Pakistan Week A/W14 Part 2

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Deepak Perwani (3) Deepak Perwani (2)
Deepak Perwani
For a designer who is known for his womenswear, going all out menswear for a fashion week, takes courage. The designer is going all out menswear though I still have my concerns.. exploring the dandy current man of the region, Deepak is on an exploration trip, though he is using embroidery, too much of it  is an easy trap to fall in, but its Deepak, one who surprised us with Frieda goes to Kharadar and with a tres chic next year so it’s difficult to say what to expect.

Sanam Chaudhri sanamm
Sanam Chaudhri
Going the vintage route this season, Sanam’s collection is based around the bygone era yet seemingly relevant today. In an attempt to accentuate rather than display, Sanam’s vintage outing is anticipated in more ways than one since the designer skipped showcasing last season. Titled after her own grandmother, Sanam’s collection BANO attempts to explore the vintage eastern modesty in wearable silhouettes and luxe fabrics and vintage tones. The collection aims to explore the subtlety and glamorous nuances in discretion. Subcontinental vintage is one that is fun to explore and is one of my favorites. It has fun forms, brave enigma and mystery all rolled into one, and the reason I am excited what Sanam has to offer. With heritage techniques (am a fan of those) and embellishments it is to be seen how inventive can Sanam be. While we have seen her deliver, she needs to be careful that her vintage inspired outing seems current rather than looking outdated and bordering costume.

Shehla Chatoor
The luxury designer with her MISAKI collection is all set to explore the intricacies of Japanese weaving. What I am excited about to see is how the designer fuses something so organic and earthy with luxe to present a collection for her latest outing. Bringing forth her usual uber glam, sensual, sophisticated aesthetic onto the ramp, her inspiration comes from the art of Japanese painted paper folding screens. With their pictorial accents and landscapes providing her inspiration, her techniques also use Japanese basket weaving and rope and leather interlacing (gonna see lots of leather from her). It would be fun to see her take on the Japanese paintings and screens. Fingers and Fringes crossed

Adnan Pardesy - Inspiration board for FPW
Adnan Pardesy
Adnan’s ability to always present technically fun collections keeps, atleast me, hooked onto the thought what would he present next. He tends to push his technical boundaries which sort of has become his signature style as he has come onto his own as a designer over the years. His Labyrinth collection is no different. Deconstructing Japanese weaving this time around along with, Chinese floral patterns, forest abstracts, Kalamkaari, Japanese Geisha, Greek temple landscape imagery, African tribal motifs, stencil technique tattoos, contemporary art with abstract imagery and Islamic pattern compositions… phew!! that is a lot to combine together within one collection.. but its Adnan Pardesy.. we have seen him deliver so am not worried… am rather excited by what he terms as his ‘most exhausting collection’ with signature fabric manipulation, off loom hand woven fabric weaves combining them with extremely intricate hand embroidery which has inspiration from a lot of different sources, it is be one heck of a ride Mr. Pardesy has set for us.

Ather Ali Sketch Mohsin Sketch
Sana Safinaz
Woaahh!! Showing two lines within one fashion week one by Athar Hafeez and other by Mohsin Ali, giants Sana Safinaz never fail to surprise. The design house with its turn of employing established designers has garnered quite the attention in recent times, esp. with bringing Mohsin Ali on board. While Athar will open the fashion week with his, Mohsin’s line will be showcased on the finale day. Whats more is the match made in fashion heaven occurring that OUTHOUSE jewellery from India is making its debut in Pakistan and that too with Mohsin’s line for Sana Safinaz. I have been a fan of OUTHOUSE pieces and it just is the perfect quirky compliment to Mohsin’s brave sensibilities…This is one presentation I am waiting for

Zaheer Abbas
The last distinct collection that I remembered Zaheer’s was his white collection and some spurts of incorporating ajrak in his collections. Zaheer with his latest outing of NEO NUDE explores the skin and clothing relationships, something my colleague did and now he has gotten me intrigued what is he going to present. Working with nude colored fabrics of different weights and textures, it would be interesting to observe how he explores the relationships of bareness and clothing and skin with his minimal aesthetic. Expectations: Immaculate tailoring

Maheen Khan
What do I say that has not been said. The veteran designer needs no introduction and will be closing the fashion week with her presentation. Maheen with her ability to keep up and setting trends while remaining true to her design philosophy is a lesson in herself to learn from. Hers are the presentations that I am always excited about because you know all you are going to expect is nothing short of excellence that does not fear to break the rules rather set new ones out.

*Images belong to their respective owners

And the designers are revealed..

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If you have been following my blog, during PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, the title sponsors collaborated with designers to create limited edition bottles like last year. However this year instead of revealing the bottles, the designs were revealed wherein people guessed who designed what (read about it all here)

Well the wait is over!! During an event, the four designers behind these four bottles were revealed. Adding two new names to the list, Sana Safinaz and FnkAsia and retaining Khaadi and HSY made up the four Sunsilk Edition designer bottles. While I did have some idea of who designed what during Fashion Week, Sana Saf were the ones which were BAM! Out of the blue..Khaadi and Sana Saf went the lawn inspiration route with motifs from their lawn lines incorporating motifs onto their bottles (i liked Khaadi’s last year’s better), HSY went the glamour route, lots of glitter and bold gold or if done up in fashion black satin with a dash of gold and FnKAsia based their bottle on the “freedom of spirit that exudes from the women in Tharparkar as they are not shackled by urban laws.”.

Its interesting to encourage these collaborations that bridge the gap between designer and masses who could not afford luxury designer wear so its just a way for them to own a piece.


Not a fashion week – DAY 1

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The recently held TDAP fashion showcase, under Rabia Javeri, had a host of designers strutting their stuff down the ramp. The well edited fashion lineup was quick and the shows back to back, since the collections were capsule collections. Quite an amount of foreign buyers made their way to the fashion show and apparently many a good deals have been struck with the designers with invitations to showcase in Athens to Paris. However the mainstay what it boils down to is that whether these designers can back up their style with enough production substance to fulfil the orders…because at the end of the day it is a business that needs to be run.

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RIZWAN BEYG ‘s RANG: The collection was same as what he showcased at PFDC (review here) earlier this year, with a few added menswear pieces. The collection still had me going adding more pieces from the collection on my wishlist. Still on a lookout for this yummyness on the retail front.

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NOMADIC FAIZA: Faiza Samee is one veteran designer who has pretty much surprised everyone with her luxury pret shows. Her latest outing was inspired by Nomadic tribes featuring prints inspired by them. Sharp colors combined with an array of earthy tones and tunics with print on print in silks, Faiza seems to be on a winning spree. The designer usually known for her bridals, Faiza certainly has the perfect sensibility to translate her aesthetics onto pret wear. With a line of lawn under her kitty, apart from experience, the veteran is not alien to the concept and knows the pulse of her audience well. Can she deliver? I do not see why its impossible. LOVED IT. However her dramatic choreography could have been done away with for a much more in sync showing.

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Karachakring TAPU: We never get tired of tapu’s prints even though have seen them before. But the foreign buyers haven’t so its all good. Sucker for good prints to be presented in a multitude of ways (thats me!) I enjoyed the chic showing of the show which had me and a fellow blogger Maliha drooling over the opening piece’s sequined bronze jacket. Roping Wardha Saleem, the duo presented a multitude of chic ensembles along with printed bags complimenting them. Hitting home with sleek n chic printed pieces, the neatly filed presentation hit home on many counts. From dresses, tunics, fun separates, Wardha made full use of flaunting those prints. Whats more its the accessories will be available in select multi brand stores.

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PIFD: The presentation of PIFD students included an array of different young ones making their debut on the runway. While I do understand their need to showcase, a trade show probably wasn’t the best place since the collections are much more conceptual and rather dramatic. While the collections were fun, brilliant and barring one, all were edgy in their conceptual outing. Loved quite a few of them, many fierce ones to the brilliantly styled and layered, these students ensued whistles from the crowd. Many had potential to trickle down to a much wearable and sellable potentia. It is now waited to be seen how they come out as their own person in the big bad world of fashion.

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FARNAZ MUSTAFA: One of the two designers on Day 1 who had everyone uninterested much on what she had to offer on the ramp. While she may have been inquired about by a buyer (yes she does have a market she caters to), it was a pretty much not an impressive showing. Roaming around the territory of evening wear, one of the two garments that I found interesting were one being a pitta work (am a fan of the technique) and other being this pair of sequined bronze pants. However they were paired with such an ill fitting top, it had me claw my eyes out. Same was the case with many others. Sorry but there are no excuses for being a designer and give bad fittings.

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HAZAN-ed: Sania Maskatiya’s latest outing Hazan continued her obsession with the Islamic motifs and geometric prints. Sania seems to pick up her inspirations a lot from the Muslim majority countries, playing upon their cultures and churning out contemporary garments be it the persian AGHAZ or the turkish LOKUM. While for many of us it seemed the same ole same ole that sania had been presenting, from slouched tunics, tops and jackets, it was definitely lapped up by the foreign clients. A pair of black and white high waisted print pants definitely caught my attention. As far as the prints go, apart from her usual softer palette, a contrasting and sharp colored palette seemed to be the order of the day paired up with black and white. While the usual print on print might be getting a bit stale (even though that’s sort of become her signature but need to come up with another trend or play up prints differently), it is waited to be seen what this brand has next up its sleeve. Whats more is that Sania seems to have mastered the journey of from runway to retail pretty effortlessly.

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BARE ESSENTIALS: The other disappointment of the night was probably Zaheer Abbas. The designer associated with impeccable finishing and collections faltered this time around. Why would you show something to the foreign buyers that they could already find in their homeland. While Zaheer’s FPW London too had casual western silhouettes,, that was a much better constructed n well put together collection. Yes you are trying to expand your market and showcasing there to appeal to their taste and break into that arena, but u need to give them something extra too what they can’t find there. The silken collection in solids of red, green and black failed to stir any impact. A hiccup once in a while is allowed therefore shall let this one pass.

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BLACK n WHITE : Sana Safinaz showing was an extension of their Veet collection (review here) sans the boobie pieces and a few interesting added drapes. While one did spot a balmain grid (yet again!!), the rest of the collection was pretty much on the mark. What is good with Sana Saf is that, they can back it up with the production ever since they have stepped into retail.

Images belong to their respective owners

Celebrating Beauty – with fashion

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4 designers were handpicked and selected to create capsule collections specifically for this event. Pertaining to a certain era and theme, these designers, some succeeding more than others, presented their collections integrated ad-mist the beauty awards.

Bogged with a vintage theme, Khadijah of Elan takes an expected route of eastern vintage conjuring up an array of ensembles that comprised of ghararas, shararas, anarkalis, and long shirts worked upon intricately with the usual embellishments that are associated with the bridal finery. Thus the presentation worked more so as a bridal trousseau presentation (for which it was rather suitable and pretty much made for a pretty showing on the ramp) rather than giving off a vintage vibe. A few odd color combos actually worked and cut a pretty picture but the rest was nothing what we haven’t seen before. Possible favs. was a short tunic paired with brocade pants and a pair of green palazzo. Zeba Bakhtiyar made for an elegant showstopper

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Sadaf Malaterre
Going the black and white route, Sadaf Malaterre stripped off color of the retro era that her collection was themed around. While I had to give it to her to take such step, it wouldn’t have hurt to move away from the safe black and white and add pops of color and psychedelic prints to her collection. However to her credit, with her silhouettes, styling and stripes and dots, she still managed to bring on the retro on the ramp. A few good pieces and a few ill fitted ones, the presentation pretty much scored a strict OK. However what brought it down several notches was Sana Nawaz as show stopper with her unruly hair and ill fitted outfit.

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Ali Xeeshan
The only one to integrate Ali Zafar’s performance, and come out to take a bow, Xeeshan’s POP inspired disco themed collection hit bang on in terms of its re-interpretation. With glitz, glam and loads of bling, Xeeshan’s clothes were accompanied with not too OTT styling (loved those gloves). While starting off from where he left in the PFDC show, ( afew seperates did remind me of that), Xeeshan elevated his show with some very strong pieces as the presentation progressed. Kudos to him for giving such a perfect fit to the pants worn by Sana Sarfaraz. A definitely strong showing that deserved applause (it didn’t need a male model though & also a printed skirt with jeweled neckline going all the way down wasn’t one of the better outfits)

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Sana Safinaz
 famed duo, Sana Safinaz, worked up their ECLECTIC theme with a second black and white collection of the night. The collection with its prints, draped and body contoured silhouettes, was anything but eclectic. With repeated patterns, One of the ensembles was rather disturbing and fitted more into a retro category with its repeated use of print. The presentation on its own was rather ok. The fun use of floral prints and motifs was very Sana Safinaz aesthetic, on the black and white dresses that sashayed down the runway. One of them even reminded me of audrey hepburn. Humaima Malik made for their showstopper however she did suffer wardrobe malfunction which could have been avoided had she not moved her hands around so much.

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Because you’re totally worth it!

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Admist the humid heat of Karachi, L’Oreal Paris held a Mall Animation Event at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Now while makeup is not my cup of tea, as a designer, when I tend to design, I know exactly the kind of look I am looking for. Therefore when I read the invite that they were introducing four distinct make-up looks for Spring/Summer 2013, the event was definitely one to attend. To attend the event I went for the Waleed Zamaan look…black shoes and white shirt with two tone pink and yellow paddle pop pants.

IMAG7175 IMAG7177 IMAG7162 IMAG7161
The Event was not only the introduction of these looks, but also the launch of L’Oreal Revitalift. The presentation began with a video presentation of L’Oreal Paris, followed up by intro and advantages of the BB cream by Pengs and Dr. Khilji. Furthermore testimonials by Ayesha Haswani, Kiran Aman, Nida Azwer and Sanam Chadhry, were also shown all endorsing how they love the fuss free, BB cream.

However my interest lied in the segment where in they introduced the up-to date makeup looks. Followed by an introduction to L’Oréal Paris make-up and Spring/Summer 2013 make-up looks by Product Manager at L’Oréal Paris, Nubain Ali, a unique make-up and fashion presentation was presented wherein make-up expert Saba Ansari of Sabs introduced all these looks. What was interesting was the collaboration of these four distinct looks with 4 leading fashion designers; LE SMOKY byDeepak Perwani, LE SHOCKING by Sadaf Malattere, LE GLAMOUR by Sana Safinaz and LE SENSUAL by Shehla Chatoor . These designers created exclusive capsule collections in accordance with the makeup look and line they seem to be associated with. It was pretty amusing to see how the outer crowd of the mall were looking on from the outskirts while the fashion presentation went about its business. My favorite looks had to be LeSMOKY and LeSHOCKING and I could already think of how these could be used. However in terms of clothes, it was Shehla Chatoor’s that stood out from the rest (I would still argue that the jacket with that sari should have been avoided 😛 )

L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SMOKY by Deepak Perwani (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SHOCKING by Sadaf Malattere (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE GLAMOUR by Sana Safinaz (1) L’Oréal Paris SS13 make-up - LE SENSUAL by Shehla Chatoor (1)

Furthermore, the event also had Complimentary consultation by the L’Oreal Experts, Two revolutionary Skin Analytical technologies: Skin Genius – software which analyzes skin deficiencies within minutes and AGE ME – age progression software that uses scientific research to accurately predict what you will look like in the future, based on your present lifestyle.  In attendance were Tapu Javeri, Sadaf Malatere, Shehla Chatoor, Ayaz Anis, Sania Maskatiya, Nida Azwer, Wardha Saleem among others. However conspicuous of their absence were Deepak Perwani and the duo Sana Safinaz.

L’Oreal team, Bulls Eye for event management, talent management and choreography by Catwalk and Public Relations by Lotus , all came in together for one brilliantly done event that was definitely worth it (yes that pun was totally intended).

*Image courtesy Dragonfly and myself

Ruling the Roost

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Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (1037) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (926) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (860) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (832) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (805) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (709) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (617) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (519) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (428) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (397) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (394) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (354) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (313) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (282) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (226) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (169)

Sana Safinaz, unsurprisingly rocked the runway  of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week with the extension of their collection that was showcased during Fashion Pakistan Week. Trailblazing with their store opening and two back to back showing, Sana Saf are riding the high wave. Showcasing ‘Urban Chic’ to perfection, the collection was all the more fun for ladies coz of the realization that all of this and more will be in stores.

While showcasing a few pieces from earlier, to maintain the continuity, They added in more pieces to the already glam collection. While I had seen a few of them earlier at their store launch, there were many that am sure were waiting to be added to store ready to be scooped up by the ladies. Using silks, jersey and chiffons, Sana Saf’s collection played high on color blocking and bold patterns. With draped dresses, shorter tunics and fun pants, these ladies know their clientele and have hit it up bang on.

A few minor glitches of puckerings here and there are forgiven when the rest of your collection is nicely stitched. Accessorized with chunky necklaces and colored clutches, they surely were one of the best that showcased this season. From the collection I liked these two pairs of bold asymmetrical printed pants (in lime green and pink), a strapless mini with off centre motif, Another dress with bling bustier and skirt and the rust tunic with bold black and white print. However for me the star was the clever Kaftan and Jumpsuit hybrid in magenta… A-Mazing.

Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (151) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (773) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (992) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (574) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (114) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (43) Sana Safinaz 28-4-13 (1089)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly