Weave Magic

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One of the most fun things that I as a textile designer and a fashion designer get to see at Indian fashion weeks is a designers from India do well is the exploration of cotton based hand weaves and handloomed fabrics, something the Pakistani counterparts need to learn. While one may see Maheen Khan venture into Banarsi fabric and running brilliantly with it, the examples are few and far in between. At AIFW fashion week,one got to see an array of designers exploring organic cotton weaves and playing them into different aesthetics

IKAI by Ragini Ahuja
Using Mesopotamia as her starting point, Ragini Ahuja made smart choices keeping it urban and chic with simple silhouettes. Sheer overlays and jackets with Mesopotamian art were smart. In rich autumnal and earthy tones Read the rest of this entry »

PSFW 2014 Day 3

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head 3

While Day 3 is usually touted to be the best day of the fashion week, there were quite a few surprises in store for me as the collections walked down the ramp.  Some hits, some pleasant surprises and some misses, but it was a quite the satisfying day.

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13. Links à la Mode Feature

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I love a good How-To.  Usually I’m searching the world wide web for instruction on dry brushing, making eco friendly cleaning supplies, or cutting a pomegranate.  Have you seen that one?!

So, I was captivated by all the fashion How To’s this week.  IFB bloggers showed how to style scarves, striped pants, chokers, metallics, and flash tattoos,  just to name a few.  Through all of that, summer continued to be a strong theme with music playlists, vacation travel logs, and reviews of concert wear and museum sneakers.


Links à la Mode, July 9

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Five Ways to rock Striped Pants

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all five

Striped pants are fun. With LCM and Pitti Umo, where many designers presented printed menswear, printed pants still elude many of the usual everyday guy who still likes to stick to his basics. It is not everyday that you get see men sporting something as graphic as black and white striped pants. Recently when JOSHUA MILTON, a friend of mine and a blogger, recently sported striped pants, I instantly hit off on the idea of doing multiple ways to style this graphic wonder. While I love the monochrome look of pairing these with black, there are still a number of ways that these pair of elusive pants can be styled…

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Striped Affair

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (CrossRoads) / Tee (random shop) / Pants (Zainab Market) / Shoes (Regal Store) /
Necklace (StoneAge) / woven hand band (gifted)

You can possibly never go wrong with black and white paired with a color. For Day 3, I did have a few calls, but chose to go with this one coz it looks chic, is easy breezy casual and fun at the same time. And since Day 3 was going to be a LONG day with 9 shows and two breaks, I wanted something easier to move around in. I was glad that guys from attire club were there to help me out with that. I know I know the non wearing capey styled jacket needs to go.. but I was long over due to try it out therefore did so with the black suede motorbikish jacket from crossroads. The striped tee is always a good idea to be paired with a solid color since it has that sort of graphic-y element to it. I chose to go with berry colored pants coz .. cummon!! how many of you expected me to go down that route 😛 .. Nude loafers were my calling for the day since they perfectly contrasted the pants and accented the whole look as well. Finishing off I went for a metal shark tooth necklace and a woven handband the curved square shaped specs finishing off the look.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Ikram Khalid

clothes maketh the Mann

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Gabriel Mann is probably one of the few characters of series that I watch, who’s impeccable wardrobe has made it on my lust list (and cummon! these are the wealthy and haughty Hamptonites… duh! who is badly dressed there). While there are some of the stylist’s saritorial choices, that I may not agree with, this one was an instant favorite when I saw it during lunch hours at work!! (yep that’s what I do :P) . This ex- runway model has one drool worthy wardrobe put together by the stylist Jill Ohanneson, even Mann admits to try stealing from it and I don’t blame him.


One look that was my instant fav from the word go was this red, blue and white thick striped shirt with piped blazer (a repeat from season 1) and a woven belt. The white trousers are a staple in Ross’s wardrobe and he wears them well. Finishing off with a patterned red pocket square, this is one look I am definitely game for trying out…and why not!! The series might be Emily’s but the wardrobe is Nolan Ross’s that is much more entertaining.


Stripe-ed to the core

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_MG_0138One of the most surprisingly improved designer was Aamir Baig this season. Taking on the trend of stripes, Aamir biag presented a collection in a range of colored stripes with bits of op-art to break the monotony. As described the collection was an ‘ode to 150 years of stripes’. Using something as simple as stripes, Aamir Baig’s restrained outing was a huge leap from his last black and gold collection.


_MG_0132 _MG_0127 _MG_0124 _MG_0120 _MG_0164 _MG_0148 _MG_0144 _MG_0141

I liked the fact that he took up an international trend (had a bit of marc jacobs, lanvin deja vu) and presented in a range of colors from reds and blues to purples and yellows. The collection comprised maily of womenswear looks with a few menswear showing too. The silhouettes ranged from dangerously short minis, button down shirt dresses, caged top to longer straight dresses. One also spotted a pair of hotpants as well cutout dresses. I liked the fact that throughout his collection he actually made an effort to join the stripes if they continued at the back.

_MG_0117 _MG_0113 _MG_0106 _MG_0101 _MG_0093  _MG_0175 _MG_0169 _MG_0166

_MG_0104Personally I noticed two specific problems with this collection. For someone who retailed from their store, presenting minis and dresses was really strange. These silhouetts are not eare not really commercially viable in a country like Pakistan. For these stripes to happen, they needed to be on much more wearable outfits for a r-t-w outing. Another one was the bad fittings. With something so simple as stripes, the fittings then come on the forefront under the radar. One does not have many crutches to hide behind and that is what happened with the collection. Cutouts at wrong places and ill fittings of the body con dresses added to the woes. Do not make a dress if you cant make it.

_MG_0096 _MG_0160 _MG_0157 _MG_0155

Despite its problems, there were a few from this collections that I did like (couldn’t help it am sucker for stripes): A striped and op art caged top. a black and white dress, a white and red striped overlap outer and a white dress with red n black stripes on the sides.


*Images Courtesy Kashif Rashid