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Interesting Day 3 with lots of designers opting for commercial routes and the next generation giving us a lot to think about – it was an interesting mixed bag on Day 3

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PSFW 2016 Day 1

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It is always an exciting time when fashion week and presentations happen back home. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is one such occasion that is marked on my calendar weeks ahead and boy am I having a blast going through the collections. While I am not watching it live! time difference from back home and work commitments, I do miss out meeting colleagues, fellow bloggers and designers. It is always exciting to see what the designers have been working on and being a designer myself, it becomes second nature to see what is going on. Day 1 at the fashion week, like usual, came with its share of hits and misses
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Sublime goes Fierce

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Sublime by Sara (22) Sublime by Sara (20) Sublime by Sara (19) Sublime by Sara (18) Sublime by Sara (17) Sublime by Sara (16) Sublime by Sara (14) Sublime by Sara (12) Sublime by Sara (11) Sublime by Sara (10) Sublime by Sara (9) Sublime by Sara (7) Sublime by Sara (5) Sublime by Sara (4) Sublime by Sara (2) Sublime by Sara (25)
The pretty Sara Shahid goes all out in her recent outing titled NOW. Celebrating summer in full swing, her collection was a range of solids and color blocks that just waiting to hit the racks. With minimal design aesthetic and maximum effect, Sara shahid’s collection was fun and flirty.

Sublime by Sara (23) Sublime by Sara (3) Sublime by Sara (8)

The girl just werked those neon like nobody’s business (snaps). With occasional interjections of print and color blocks, the collection generated the cute and flirty vibe throughout the show. With bling here and there, this perfect summer sorbet was as refreshing as it could get in terms of colors and was as seamless as a show should be. The bright hues included yellows, pinks, minty greens, multitutde prints and whites.

The silhouettes were lose and easy apart from the jackets that she showed. Ranging from jumpsuits to a couple of flowy dresses to short tunics (a couple with laser cut motif) , she was bang on hitting the right notes on the commercial fronts. Though would have been nice to see her experiment more with the silhouettes pushing boundaries within the commercial space.

My picks, the coral jumpsuit, the long and short crushed yellow tunic, the wrap short top, the oversized flared print jumpsuit and the chic white and coral number.

Sublime by Sara (13) Sublime by Sara (6) Sublime by Sara (1) Sublime by Sara (26) Sublime by Sara (15) *Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly