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Raffles Fashion Show 2015

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A Graduate show is always an exciting time of the year to see the the upcoming new guns and fresh blood pour into industry. While I always have this debate with myself on the commercial prospects versus creativity and pushing boundaries of both within the garments. The students at Raffles showcased both qualities with some very interesting techniques and some very commercial RTW collections (no it’s not a bad thing, it keeps them in sync with what is going to sell). There were many pieces that caught my eye, ranging from Fierce sassy and edgy ensembles to the demure dauphines and fun seperates, it was indeed an interesting showcase. It was also fun to see experimentation with menswear, especially how it was done. The standouts had to be Tiana Mikelecic, Lenka Klikacova,wilson Nguyen,Rhenny Valleria and Edwin Limanto and a few others.


Brand Spotlight: BAYL

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For me as much as the veterans are to be respected, the new upcoming talent requires equal amount of nurture and support in the fashion industry. For those who are serious about working at it, know that there are no shortcuts to success. Luck can take you till a certain point unless you know your shit. Hardwork combined with opportunity is probably the only formula one needs to keep in mind. With the thought of bringing in new serious talent forth, a multi brand venture titled BAYL has opened its doors to the up and coming designers providing them with facilities as well as opportunity to showcase their talent with a common vibe in place. Rabayl, owner of Bayl, provides resources, space and a launch pad for these young guns to step into the big bad world of fashion retail. A practice that would invite nightmares for investing party, since there is always an uncertainty associated with it, but Rabayl is confident of the upcoming talent (something I always admire of people who do it).

What is BAYL all about?
Bayl is about having that launching pad for fresh, upcoming talent who wants to make and sell clothes but does not have the means or resources to start their own brand. It is about bringing young talent together and letting them use our brand and space to create, innovate and design to their hearts content.
Bayl strives to be a practical training space for young and fresh artists who have studied fashion design but not have practically experienced the business of marketing and selling clothes.

What does the whole process entitle since there are different aesthetics meeting under one umbrella?
 It is not about one designer promoting his/her name.. it is about the process of fashion
design, from the fashion design young graduate who makes the sketch, to the design head at bayl who ensures it meets our aesthetic sensibility, to the production house that handles designs sketched by several unique designers each with their own signature.

So BAYL plans on concentrating on just formal eastern wear or move into other categories of womenswear?
There is no limit on what can be designed and produced within the brand. As a starting point we are doing eastern formals and fusion formals, but just before Eid I’m planning a surprise collection of casuals and semi-formal fusion wear. Because we’re only a few months old, we started with a narrow focus whichwill broaden as time goes on. A lot of it is driven by me but it also depends on the aesthetics and ideas of my designers.

What makes BAYL stand out from many other multi retail brands that have popped up in the past few years?
Currently we are a start-up but once we feel a bit more settled, each collection will be branded to showcase and promote the young designer behind it. This way bayl is just an umbrella brand under whom new talent emerges. This is different from Ensemble and Labels as they only showcasevery high end established designers. We are the opposite, the less established of a designer you are, the more you are welcome to come to bayl and experiment with us. We are confident students and graduates who work with bayl with emerge technically strong, with a business sense and one day will learn to establish their own brands.

You have started with a facebook page, which is a common practice and a reasonable one too. What are your further plans? An outlet maybe?
For now I do not have any plans for an outlet. I believe technology to drive retail and stacking up overheards of an outlet at the early stages of a startup is not feasible. I do plan to launch an estore in a year’s time.

*Bayl is now appointment only at the moment. To contact them visit their page here