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I’M WEARING: Jacket (c/o of Adnan Pardesy) / Shirt (Cambridge) / Pants (Denizen) / Socks (Sunday Bazaar) /
Wingtips (Pedro) / Feather Necklace (Stoneage) / handband (gifted)

For the fourth and final day, I went all out with an Adnan Pardesy gota jacket from his EXIMIUS collection from FPW. Having it all about the jacket and have it literally shine (no puns intended), I toned down the rest of the look to black on black so as to compliment the midnight blue of the gota. The gota jacket painstakingly crafted was one of my favorite pieces I wore during these four days. The texture…like I said in my review too.. was just soo pretty. Whats more is that the collection is available for retail at Labels. Got in a nice cotton basic button down and the cotton denim blend skinny pants from my go to brand Denizen. I just had to have some pop of fun color (can’t help myself) and that came via the yellow socks. I cuffed my pants into a single thin cuff for it to play just enough peek a boo while I walked. I finally got the chance to take out these shoes for a spin. I was gifted these babies by a friend on my birthday and was looking for a perfect occasion to flaunt em off. The suede wingtips with a worn out feel at the toes from Pedro went perfectly with the whole look. Loved Them… and did I mention they were comfy. Added in a necklace and hand band just for a lil something extra! A shout out to attire club for helping me with the looks.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Aqsa Razzak