Five Ways to rock Striped Pants

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Striped pants are fun. With LCM and Pitti Umo, where many designers presented printed menswear, printed pants still elude many of the usual everyday guy who still likes to stick to his basics. It is not everyday that you get see men sporting something as graphic as black and white striped pants. Recently when JOSHUA MILTON, a friend of mine and a blogger, recently sported striped pants, I instantly hit off on the idea of doing multiple ways to style this graphic wonder. While I love the monochrome look of pairing these with black, there are still a number of ways that these pair of elusive pants can be styled…




I’M WEARING: Button Up shirt (Cambridge) / Striped Pants (Stoneage) / Slip on Loafers (First step) / Reflective shades (Factorie) / Bag (March Jacobs) /  Cuff (asos) / Key Cuff ( Disney) / Ring (MAN)

A classic monochrome look, I went for a black button up (coz I can’t rock half sleeve shirts like Joshua) with the striped pants. Going for Slip-on loafers, I kept the vibe pretty casual chic. With such monochrome look, an insertion or accent of color seems a bit contrived sometimes therefore metallic is a great way to do that.. that is where my shades come in. The reflective glares from factorie were perfect for the look. With a Marc Jacobs big duffle bag in tow, which is my go to for on my short trips, I slipped on a couple of cuffs from asos and disney as well a knuckle ring from MAN which is an absolute favorite of mine these days. It fits on my pinkie and second last finger in other hand to give it a bit of a polished yet that quirky but no nonsense look because of its shape and finesse.




I’M WEARING: Button Up (Bossini) / Striped Pants (Stoneage) / Kolhapuris ( stole them from Dad :D) / rose gold cuff (asos) / shades

Adding in a watermelon red pop of color to the black pants, was bound to happen because of my love for color. The poppy red played brilliantly against the black and white stripes. Adding a desi twist to the whole look were the tan Kolhapuris that I stole from dad since I am here in Karachi for a vacay and I left mine back in Sydney…tee hee that add on rather than fight against the red… a rose gold twist cuff from asos connected the whole look together (yes simple things matter) while the dark sunnies bridged hair and the red shirt.




I’M WEARING: Henley Shirt (HnM) / Striped pants (Stoneage) / Sneakers (factorie) / Thumb ring (Flea Market)

All you need to go sporty is a pair of sneakers (or trainers.. I forgot mine in Sydney) and a Henley Tee to go along to sport (no puns intended)  this look. With easy vibe the skinny striped pants could easily be incorporated within a sport inspired wardrobe with tee (neoprene or knit) and trainers. The versatility of its bold pattern lends itself easily to the whole casual lean athletic vibe. Keeping it fuss free you could sport an ear cuff or a ring for that minimalist route that makes just enough impact without going overboard.




I’M WEARING: Denim Jacket (Newports) / Tee Shirt (Giordano) / Striped pants (Stone Age) / Boots (CAT) / Cuff (asos) / Necklace (Stoneage)

Taking a trip back to the nineties, an oversized denim jacket always does the trick. Who knew striped pants could go a little bit of rebel and grunge at the same time. I went for a denim jacket that was actually from 90s… discovered it in the deep ends of my closet lol… The washed out look gave it that certain rough character which I paired up with a simple tee. Heavy boots gave it the whole rebellious attitude and I rounded off the look with a single cuff and a necklace.




I’M WEARING: Suede Jacket (Cross Roads) / T Shirt ( Splash) / Striped pants (Stoneage) / Boat Shoes (Regal shoes) / Knuckle Ring (MAN) / Midi ring (Flea Market) / Brooches (Flea Market)

Going all out with resorty vibes, what bigger way but to take your boldest statement pieces while on vacation. While patterned shorts are a go to on tropical vacation, something like this is sure to make a statement while you check in. With crew neck tee and and a jacket, coupled with some bright colored boat shoes lends the whole thing a relaxed air and vibe. You gotta need your shades when in the tropics and I went for factorie’s reflective ones. The brooch is a combo of two with a huge pin that I absolutely love and a pair of knuckle and midi rings gives it details that are hard to miss but statement enough to make everlasting visual conversations

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    July 17, 2015 at 4:21 am

    […] Musings of a Fashion Designer: Five Ways to Rock Striped Pants […]

    […] Musings of a Fashion Designer: Five Ways to Rock Striped Pants […]

    […] Musings of a Fashion Designer: Five Ways to Rock Striped Pants […]

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